Barking Mad

I’m so excited- we’re adopting a rescue dog! I’ve been wanting one for so long that I can’t believe we’re finally doing it. She is a 2 year old Springer Spaniel x Border Collie (which I believe is called a Sprollie) who we’re calling Cassie. We met her on Saturday, at the Dogs Trust at Snetterton, and took her out for a long walk. We quickly decided we’d like to take her on (think she’ll be hard work as she’s very energetic) and so we’ll be collecting her next Sunday. I can hardly wait, I feel like a kid at Christmas who has to wait for her parents to let her open her presents!

I’ve noticed a change in my mood already: I’m obsessing about dogs (which I guess is pretty normal if you’re going to get one) and reading anything I can get on dogs and training from the Millenium Library in Norwich, I’m slightly hyper- more energy, harder to sleep, more confident and making plans to win medals and awards for dog agility with Cassie. Poor dog- she’s going to have to live up to my massive expectations! I’m not taking myself too seriously though, as I know all my enthusiasm will wear off and I’ll just want a regular pet.

Cassie’s going to have a tough week this week as she is being neutered at the rescue centre today which means she’ll wear the dreaded plastic cone round her neck (the “cone of shame”- as amusingly named in Pixar’s recent film “Up”). If that wasn’t enough she’ll be changing homes, and she’s probably just starting to get used to the Dog’s Trust after only 2 weeks there. I’m really hoping she’ll love it here with us, I’m totally committed to exercising her loads and giving her plenty to do as I know she’ll get bored easily. I can’t wait to get her settled in.



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