We got Cassie home at 4pm after a stressful day hunting out, and then assembling a dog guard for the car. She was pleased to see us when we collected her, and seemed her usual outgoing self. The car journey was a bit traumatic for her, but she wasn’t sick or anything which was good. Once home she soon settled and was relaxing and snoozing away within a few hours.

Cassie’s first night with us seemed to go really well- she was quiet and there were no toilet problems. Walking her has also been good today. It’s frustrating not being able to let her off the lead though, as she clearly needs a really good run in the mornings. She’s also wearing her Buster collar (plastic cone) which I think is annoying her now. We’ve had a little play today with a ball and a ragger rope, which she really seemed to love. Really pleased to see she’s interested in playing.
To get her used to being alone, we’re keeping her shut in the lounge and leaving her for short periods of time. I’ll actually leave the house for 30mins tomorrow to see how she does. I’ve got to leave her for about four hours on Wednesday so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she’ll be good.

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