Election Apathy 2010

General Elections: I feel I should be interested and use my right to vote- as fought for by the Suffragettes (ooh what a good name for a band)- but I just can’t get into the whole politics thing. As far as I’m concerned all the parties are pretty much equal and all the political leaders inclined to avoid direct answers to questions, never appear genuine and I wouldn’t trust any of them. So I’m going to take on the role of virtual prime minister, here’s my manifesto:

-Benefits system: maximum of 6 months jobseekers allowance per person end of. Cut income support. Rigorous testing for incapacity benefit, three-monthly health checks. No child benefits at all, tax credits etc.

– Much stricter rules on immigration, limit number of entrants each year. Only enter for asylum, study and professional work.

– Nationalisation of football clubs (don’t know if that’s possible-but hey, neither is me being prime minister). Maximum wage for footballers and managers £50,000 per year.

– Increase number of nurses. Increase in pay for all nurses, emergency service workers.

-Privatisation of schools. Curriculum to be set by headteachers. Focus to be on Maths, English. More varied subjects to be taught: Music, Art, Drama, Financial Management and Economy, Running a Home, Relationships, Communication, Parenting, Cooking, DIY, Dance, Sports, Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Sciences, Self esteem, Nutrition, Environmental Awareness, Vocational Experience. Maximum class sizes of 15. No labelling of “gifted and talented”. Increase teachers numbers and pay. No sex education to be taught until 16 years, or free contraception.

– Radical improvement in care homes.

– Stop increase in tax on petrol. Campaign for cycling, car pooling, more frequent and reliable bus services.

– All troops to be taken out of Afghanistan.

– No advertising for junk food.

– Extra community policing in inner city areas.

– Inner city centres for young people- sports facilities, arts, dance, etc.

Ooh I could go on forever….

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