Elections for Dummies

After having skimmed through the three main parties’ manifestos (out of a feeling of responsibility rather than because I thought it might be fun), I have come to the conclusion that someone needs to write an election pamphlet for dummies, clearly defining the differences between the policies, and giving unbiased advice on the pros and cons. I’m a fairly well-read person, and reading those manifestos, even to me, is daunting, dull and a task nobody really wants to do. So if I feel that way, I imagine the less academic and responsible will be totally put off using their vote, which I strongly believe we should all use. Surely an information handout of this sort will help those who are apathetic or undecided to make an informed decision? I think it’s great that the TV debates have been aired, which I believe will encourage more people to vote, but this serves as more of a personality contest, than a real display of what each party can offer. We need more clearly stated information.

I hate politics. I feel disillusioned and depressed to find that the main political parties basically want to change the same things, but that there are no radical plans to completely restructure the education system and NHS. To me the most important thing is to revive the British youth and give them hope of a better future. This could be better served without compulsory, old fashioned school subjects and with more disciplinary powers for teachers, more inspiring work, and without the need for pupils to each achieve at the same rate- some children just need more time. What is the point of a child struggling through French GCSE never to use it again in their life? Youth need much more social support too, with far less emphasis on sex education. Surely educating kids on the subject just increases their curiosity- it’s like telling someone not to do something- it immediately makes you want to do it. If they don’t know about it, they wont do it. Teen magazines should be banned too (oh yeah- here I go!)- or at least the content severely restructured. Emphasis should be on family, friends, education, creativity, sports, etc. There is so much more to life than sex and celebrities- but you wouldn’t think so having rifled through the latest issue of “More”. Kids these days are looking for fast fame and money as an escape from the dreary, mundane future they see in this country. Who wants to spend their lives working in Tescos, factories, financial companies, telesales, etc. OK this might appeal to some, but where are the exciting, futuristic, more creative places to work? They are there, but they are few and far between. Celebrity is fortune, luxury and adoration- love, perhaps something they are sorely missing at home. A topic I’d better save for another day, or I’ll be here all day.

By the way, I’m voting Lib Dem.


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