Summer Days and the Twilight Saga.

Music of the day: Corinne Bailey Rae- summer gorgeousness.

Discovery of the day: you can’t go abroad in the summer for less than £300 per person.

Person of the day: John Terry- leave him alone Fabio- at least we understand what he’s talking about, go learn some English!

Actually feels like summer today- quite right too- it is the second official day of summer.

Amazing how little things can perk me up: I finally got round to washing my bedding today (after a few months of pre-washing preparation, contemplation and good quality procrastination) and I actually feel quite pleased with myself!

Mood has been so much better over the last 6 months- I really really hope it’s due to the new drug I’m on- Lamotrigine. It has been hailed as a bit of a wonder drug for Bipolar II. But I’m also thinking improvements could be due to getting the dog (more walking and general fun), working little and often at the railway station (giving me a daily routine) and continuing with the piano lessons. I must learn to be grateful for these “normal” mood days, rather than worrying and obsessing over trivial little things. No matter what the mood, there’s always a problem. But I swear I haven’t been this stable for such a long period of time in probably 12 years. Please, please let this be the end of emotional rollercoastering.

Finished “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner” today, spin-off from the Twilight Saga: Eclipse. It was good and worth a read. Bree is one of the newborn vampires created to destroy the Cullens, and the story tells of the campaign to kill Bella from her point of view, and the relationships between the new vampires. The links to Eclipse are cleverly and seamlessly woven, but my main problem with the book is that nothing is said of Bree’s memories of past friends/ loved ones. Seeing as Bella is so concerned about Charlie, her Mom and Jacob once she has been transformed into a vampire (Breaking Dawn), I find this lack of emotional involvement in Bree’s past to be unbelievable and to the detriment of her character. But it’s enjoyable anyway with some beautiful moments: Bree and Diego emerging from the cave and standing on the rocks, resplendent in the sunlight, skin glistening. The fate of Diego was also a surprise to me (usually I’m pretty good at predicting plots), and that for me was a positive note.
Overall a great teaser and warm up to the realease of the movie Eclipse in two weeks time- can’t wait.

Good luck tomorrow England!!


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