X Factor

Song of the day: The Dog Days are Over- Florence & the Machine.

I used to watch X Factor pretty religiously, but I have to say after switching it on again last night, I just couldn’t watch it. It’s turned into the most cringe-worthy show: the dodgy voiceover guy with the fake voice, Cheryl looking like she can hardly move for fake hair, teeth, nails, tan- God that girl is gonna be in trouble when she loses her looks. Simon is just a joke and has become a caricature of himself, he’s so up his own arse it’s untrue (however I think he does some amazing work for charity so I’d better give him a bit of a break). Then there’s the judges comments which consist of one of the following if good:

“You made the song your own”
“You’ve got the whole package”
“I think people at home are gonna like you”

or if bad:

“You’re such a hard worker”
“You’ve been on such a  journey”
“You picked the wrong song”
“You’ve got the looks of a pop star”


Good job it’s the last series.

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