Seeing red.

Song of the Day: Teenagers by My Chemical Romance.

I can’t believe how irritable and angry I can get about the stupidest things.
I’m in the bar at Esporta. I arrived in the hope of having my usual quiet drink and read. However, a massive party of “quiz and chips” folk have descended upon the formally tranquil area- probably about 50 of them, complete with screaming kids. I am sooooo pissed off! I feel as if I own the damn bar and they are invading my own personal space. Arrrrrghhhhhh!!

It’s got me thinking though; obviously the bar isn’t mine and I have no control over the space around where I’m sitting, so why do I feel my rights have been violated? Expectation has a lot to answer for I think- the expectation of peace and quiet and relaxation. That is why I come here- that is the norm. But what right do I have to feel so angry?

Anger is something often spoken about in popular spiritual books- that it is something detrimental to our health and to others, therefore should be avoided, that only unpleasant things can come from it. In my experience this is true- I’ve yet to experience much pleasure from anger. However maybe this is because I’ve been conditioned to think of it as something negative. Maybe when I get angry I’m thinking-
“Oh no, I’m feeling angry, it’s bad to feel angry.”
The judgement of it being “bad” will surely only wind me up even more, making me feel anger at myself for feeling it (judging it to be a character failure) as well as anger to the offending party. I therefore have double the anger and am more likely to explode!! I have thus concluded my anger is a good thing and the parties involved are totally deserving of my wrath- watch out everyone!


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