Mood Swing Management- A Lesson from Flu.


Song of the Day: Adiemus by Karl Jenkins (OK- probably not technically a song, but close enough).


Am recovering from an ear and sinus infection- a double whammy! Whilst sobbing into my tea from the sheer pain of earache I could only think of misery. Having had a few days painfree however, I have found a positive effect of aching limbs, headaches and sniffles- not having to do anything!! My mood has improved since ALLOWING myself to do nothing. I haven’t felt guilty for not washing up/dog walking etc, which is a bit of a miracle. I also haven’t just sat in front of the TV, but read, listened to music, played the piano, written in my diary, etc. It’s funny, even though I love doing these things, I rarely do- I feel too guilty for not having done something more “productive” therefore conclude that I don’t deserve to do the fun things yet. The more I look into the stuff my brain randomly comes up with, the more I laugh!

I really hope that I continue to do the things I enjoy everyday, rather than mindlessly watch TV (well maybe a bit of mindless TV).


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