Spiritual Traits v Bipolar/Borderline Symptoms (Hypomania).

Song of the Day: Spotlight by Mutemath

Just before Christmas I started to attend a Spiritual Development Group run in Norwich. It is run by a lady who gave me an Angel Reading last year. The reading was so accurate and relevant- I was surprised and impressed. I’ve always been in two minds about the whole spiritual reading thing, but since then I’ve been totally converted.

Anyway, the group is a mixture of those who’ve had experience with healing, doing readings, etc. Also newbies like me who’ve had no experience are welcome. So far we’ve been learning about Bach Flower Remedies and healing. But one day we had a few unexpected visitors: three spirits came through to the more experienced members of the group. Hearing what they told us about the spirits and what they were trying to communicate, I had absolutely no doubt in my mind that what they were saying was the truth, there was never a doubt in my mind. The three spirits were introduced as:

Arthur- said he was confused and scared and didn’t know what was going on. He was asking us for help.

Nancy- she had similar feelings and told us that she had died in a fire.

A little girl- she was very scared and clung to one prticular group member that she had attached to.

Our group leader guided us through a meditation to help the spirits (who were earthbound) into the heavenly light. This went smoothly except for the little girl who was too scared to go. Within seconds though her grandmother had come forward in spirit to take her hand and guide her safely home. All this wasn’t experienced by me, only by those around me. I certainly have no known gift of clairvoyance or similar. The only thing that makes me feel an affinity to the spirit world is the way I feel other people’s emotions and pick up on their energy. Also I have felt my grandmother around me before- just a real knowing of her presence, I can feel her spirit and personality next to me, her energy I guess.

I have often wondered if the Bipolar/Borderline diagnostic criteria have a lot in common with those who have a connection to the spirit world. For example: over-sensitivity, emotional reactivity, interpersonal sensitivity- these are all traits that would make a person very sensitive to the feelings of others/emotions/energy etc. It would be interesting to know how many other BD/BPD sufferers also have had spiritual experiences. For me these can happen a lot when I’m hypomanic- not necessarily a spiritual experience of epic proportions, but a feeling of heightened spiritual awareness, “at oneness” with the universe, I tend to feel more sure of my life’s purpose and way more confident. I know some of these could be hypomanic experiences exclusively (confidence and I also get quite euphoric), but is my sensitivity increased, or is it just an expansion of my usual interests: I am more excited by them than usual? I also find I can read a couple, maybe even three books in a day- skimming but taking in reams of information, my brain feels like a sponge!

I think hypomania is a state not studied/written about enough. Mania is always described, but it is so exaggerated. Would be really good to hear of more individuals hypomanic experiences- surely not all of them involve cleaning like a maniac at midnight?!


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