My Heaven- Center Parcs



Everyone should have a place where they feel completely at peace with themselves and the universe. My place is Center Parcs at Elvedon Forest in the UK. I honestly believe it has magic powers because whenever I come back from there I feel healed and rejuvenated and soooooo relaxed it’s untrue.

The premise is you spend a few days either in a small hotel or villa deep within the forest, where you can participate in various activities, use the amazing swimming pool, spa, etc. For me I just love sitting outside the bars with a Diet Coke, writing in my journal or reading, or by the lake feeding the ducks (a very underrated pastime)!

But the most magical part of it for me is getting up in the morning at 6am and walking through the forest, surrounded by squirrels, rabbits, deer and birds- not a person or car insight. I’ll visit their bird hide where you can see over a large natural crater which protrudes from the trees into a clearing. Here you can see loads and loads of birds as they fly around the bird feeders, some inches away from your face on the nearest tree branches. There I am alone, with only the birds for company and for an hour I’m in absolute heaven.

Better than a whole day in a spa!


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