Just when you thought you were safe….PSYCHOMOTOR RETARDATION RETURNS!

Song of the Day: Bloodstream by Stateless (Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!)

(Photo Credit: ndboy available under a Creative Commons Licence).

Just when you thought you were safe..and bipolar had retreated…it rears it big, fat, ugly head again. Grrrrrrrr.

Mood swinging all over the shop at the moment! But mainly irritable and emotional in general- lots of eyes welling up and crying: about good things as well as bad things!! Had ANOTHER cry at work today, first day back after nearly a week off. I feel like such a wuss! Feel emotionally drained now though.

Walking to the bus stop from work was so difficult. The psychomotor retardation has got it’s claws on me again- my legs felt all achy and weak, as if I’d got really bad flu. I had to walk at old-lady speed. It’s so strange this symptom. I get it during bad depressive episodes, but it seems to have started coming on very suddenly after, well, what I’ll politely call “emotional upsets”- if you catch my drift?! It will then last a day or two. Maybe it’s just that I’ve burned myself out from all my manic speediness and I’m crashing. My body wants me to rest- STUFF THAT!! I want to go out and shop, have a drink with friends at Costa, buy stuff, go to the cinema, buy stuff, go out for dinner, see my friends in the pub and flirt outrageously, go shopping, buy stuff, get drunk……Please body work, I need to buy some more stuff! Don’t want to take Olanzapine- want to have fun, not sleep!

Guess this is a prime example of a mixed episode!


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