Bipolar Disorder: Small Successes.

Song of the Day: the whole of the new Florence & the Machine album-awesome!

Rejoined the gym, after a year and a half. Can’t sit here feeling sorry for self! Thought 30-60 minutes of dog-walking a day was gonna be enough exercise. Apparently I’m more into exercise than I thought!

First gym session this morning and really pleased that I didn’t find it that difficult energy-wise and am probably a bit fitter than I thought. Felt really good! Jacuzzi afterwards felt pretty good too!

It was a toss up between counselling sessions or the gym, I can’t afford both at the moment- counselling is a minimum of £30 per session, either that or you wait for a few years for counselling on the NHS! Don’t think so thank you, need help NOW! 🙂 I decided the gym improved my mood lots last time, so it is worth putting in the effort. This way I get improved confidence,self esteem, better mood AND fitter body- bonus!!

Need to stay motivated!


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