Bipolar Disorder: Back to Black

Song of the Day: Everybody Hurts by REM.

Very poorly at the moment. Can hardly walk. Psychomotor Retardation seems to be one of my most prominent symptoms of Depression. Struggling to look after myself- can’t cook, can’t physically shower. Seems to have come on quickly. Mum & Dad bought me a light box- should take effect in a few days. Need to go back to docs. Brain slow. On holiday from work this week ironically. Was my birthday Tuesday. Went to Center Parc’s spa. Don’t want to take Olanzapine but might have to.


3 thoughts on “Bipolar Disorder: Back to Black

  1. Hannah

    Really hope you’re feeling better soon – quick onset, quick recovery?? Get some rest, & remember we’re all here for you. Let us know how the light box goes too. xx


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