Applying for Disability Living Allowance (UK)

This may be useful to mental health patients in the UK:

Official DWP info.

Intimate Details: Claiming Disability Living Allowance

Disability Living Allowance for Bipolar

Help with an application: useful printable document.

Some very helpful comments on this blog: Mutual Madness

I didn’t realize until reading the top post that I would be eligible for DLA, but having looked at the criteria I think I should at least qualify for the lower rate. Not looking forward to the stress of applying, but think it will be worth it.


15 thoughts on “Applying for Disability Living Allowance (UK)

  1. Jen

    Hi Rachel,
    I thought I’d introduce myself after seconding your comment on Dave’s blog a few moments ago. After a quick scan of your blog – I’ll give you more attention asap I promise – we seem to have quite a few things in common; playing the piano (though not well myself), cinema, yoga, drawing, writing, reading and walking – our rescue dog, Mossie. I also have dipped my toe into spiritual development. Spooky!
    I comment here, as I too have some experience of claiming DLA, personally and professionally. The form is not an easy one, as when you are motivated enough to do the thing, it is likely that you will answer the questions in that moment – i.e. make out that things aren’t that bad – DON’T. Be brutally honest with yourself and answer each question based on your worst days – v tough, but it’s worth it.
    Best of luck


    1. rachelmiller1511 Post author

      Hi Jen,

      Wow- I think we must be twins separated at birth!!! Thanks for getting in touch; it’s always lovely to be connected to someone with the same interests. I don’t think I’ve ever shared that many with someone?!!

      Thanks for the tips on the DLA claim. I’ve been researching this morning and trying to think of every little tiny thing I need help with!! I might do a draft of the form this afternoon- I’ll see how brave I feel!! Going through panic attacks at the moment is actually helping in a way: it’s making me see where I’m truly limited.

      Thanks a lot for getting in touch and coming to read my blog. I will, no doubt, be visiting yours too!


  2. Lucy

    It’s definitely worth applying. I only found out about it during my fourth(!) hospital admission- and that was from another patient. I have bipolar 2 and PTSD and just got my response back today. I’ve been awarded highest rate for care and lowest for mobility. All I can say is that being totally honest when filling in your form is key and yes, they will check with your p-doc but most Drs treating people with this illness know how hard everyday life can be regardless of how you may seem during appointments. Good luck!! X

    1. rachelmiller1511 Post author

      Thanks for that. I can’t believe you had 4 hospital admissions before you found out about it. You’d think the CPNs would tell you. I was honest on the form so hopefully it will all go OK.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. Clare Flourish

    I have done these forms professionally.

    With bipolar, I think your best chance is the middle rate of the care component for supervision, and the lower rate of the mobility component for guidance or supervision in unfamiliar places. What matters is the risk if you are left alone: either a little danger which happens often, or a great danger which is less likely, may require supervision. So, think of the risky or unsafe or bizarre things you have done, or thought of doing. You need to need supervision throughout the day, but if your irrational behaviour or temptation is unpredictable, then you do.

    A lot depends on what your GP says. Your GP will normally be asked, and the DWP think that if you have problems your GP would know. So if your GP writes “not known” answering the questions, they assume you have no trouble. It might be worth discussing with your GP. Good luck.

    It is worth £20 for the lower rate mobility and £50 for the middle rate care, so definitely worth trying for, and it can get you more in means tested benefits too. And if you do not get it, you can appeal- seek help from a CAB- or claim again in six months.

  4. rachelmiller1511 Post author

    Thank you so much for your helpful input, it’s greatly appreciated, particularly due to your experience.

    I’m glad you have said that a lot often depends on the GP. Luckily mine has seen me at my worst, so this could be a good thing!

    Thanks again, think this will help other readers a lot.

  5. Clare Flourish

    Oh and- don’t forget the cooking test. You might be absent minded on medication, and likely to leave things on the cooker unattended. Or you might lack the motivation to cook. Or you might make silly mistakes. Any of these could prevent you from preparing a cooked main meal for yourself, which at the moment gets you the lowest rate of the care component.

  6. col

    hey up i also get higher rate care lower rate care !!! which helps … but did you know you can get free a free bus pass from the government but make sure its for 2 people as you may need supervising … also you can get someone who gets less than £100 p/w to claim carers allowence !!!! has any one been assessed by local council for support from adult mental health services ???

    1. sandra

      I tried to get an assessment from the local council, they refused to even look at my case!! I used to work in social services so I am well aware of how to access direct payments. I was told I have access to home treatment team out of hours. Therefore they refused to even consider me for direct payments. To be honest, I cant be arsed with fighting all the time to get what help is out there. I am fortunate to have a good cpn, but even after speaking to her direct payments are not an option.
      I consider, if you are hospitalized apply for direct payments via the hospital social worker. They may consider your request then to keep you living independently and out of hospital.
      Unfortunatley its all about budgets and each department will fob you off to another department!!

  7. becky

    I have ap[plied for dla. I have had bulimia/ anorexia and manic depression for thirty years and often tried to take my life. as i starve myself my body is always in constant pain due to muscle damage. i am on medication every day and pain relief all day. hope i get some good news xx

    1. rachelmiller1511 Post author

      Hi Becky,

      I wish you luck with your DLA application, it sounds like you’ve been through the wars. Focus on your wellness and you’ll get there. Hope you get the good news you want.


  8. Megs

    Hey there I have been medically unfit for work for over 3years due to been attacked i suffer post traumatic stress disorder i claim esa but am currently undergoing tests for bipolar I struggle going out myself and stuff… What should I be intitled too?


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