I’ve been feeling pretty down on myself at the moment- the usual depression stuff. This morning I sat in bed and thought God I really need some help down here please!

After walking Cassie, I switched on the Mac and looked at my emails. I had a few comments from a fellow blogger. They were wonderfully supportive, made me feel valued and that I’m not alone. I was very touched and felt I’d been sent an angel, in a really unexpected way! I am so grateful!

Never ever think that what you write on your blog or comments isn’t really that important or unappreciated; to one person it can mean the world! What we write on our blogs really helps form a supportive community and that is really worthwhile work!!

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7 thoughts on “Mini-Miracles

  1. Bethany Lee

    Aww…Rachel, I’m so glad it was encouraging for you. It’s so true, what we write on our blogs and in our comments IS so important. It CAN mean the world to someone else. You never know just what a person might be going through that your words can help them out with. 🙂


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