Free Meditations- Chopra Centre Meditation Challenge

If you enjoy a spot of meditation (that’s mediTation not mediCation) the Chopra Centre 21-Day Meditation Challenge offers 21 days of free meditations (audio) delivered to your email address, starting on July 16th.

This will be the fourth challenge I’ve joined and I must say the meditations are really really good and well worth signing up for. I tend to listen to mine on our iPad, but an iPhone or computer are just as good. It’s very relaxing and if you do the whole 21 day course you really feel changes in your life. Great for mental health problems- it really helps you to learn to accept yourself.


To register click here, where you can join with your Facebook account, or enter your details manually.

It’s really worth a go. You don’t often get such great quality wisdom and relaxation for nothing! It doesn’t matter if you fall behind as all the meditations are available for 10 days each.

Chopra Centre 21-Day Meditation Challenge

6 thoughts on “Free Meditations- Chopra Centre Meditation Challenge

  1. Religion4All

    Thanks, Rachel … sounds great! I already meditate daily, but I will be glad to incorporate this into my meditations, and see what the Universe has in store for me. 🙂

  2. Kristel

    Thank you for this, Rachel! I used to meditate everyday too, but haven’t found the time in the last few months. It really is a rewarding experience. Plus, it’s the best practice for patience. 🙂


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