Project Whitespace: This Way To Inspiration & Motivation!

Bethany Jo Lee from Project Whitespace decided to accept her Inspiration Award nomination in a completely different way and created a beautiful image and quote to give to me as a thank you for the nomination. So I thought I would share the image here for you to admire! The photograph was taken by Bethany. I was so happy to receive such a thoughtful gift. Thank you Bethany!

Bethany is one of the most inspiring people ever! She is completely multi-talented, imaginative, creative, and fearless at getting involved in anything she sets her mind to. Her blog is absolutely packed with inspirational stories and motivating posts, which is what originally attracted me to her site, as I know I can often be lacking in motivation and focus!

Currently Bethany is training for a marathon!! However she still finds time to complete art projects and write great posts! She is a great example of one of those who contributes a great deal to creating a supportive blogging community. Blogging can be better than therapy!

I love the quote on the photo because my meeting Bethany has opened up a world of positivity for me. In this world I am a winner, which is the complete opposite of my normal world! That to me is a gift in itself.

So if you are in need of some positivity and motivation, go check out Project Whitespace. In fact, please go along anyway!


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