During the week I read this fascinating post on Words From The Well (a blog overflowing with insight and guidance relevant to all), which I wanted to point out to Bipolar readers. It suggests that our brains are like nuclear reactors that heat up when working through various tasks. But too much heat can cause an explosion! I thought this might be particularly relevant to Bipolar peeps- specifically when anxious, agitated, restless and hypomanic, possible symptoms of brain over-heating :)!! The post suggests which activities heat and which cool the brain. Fabulous post.


Today we ask that you take time to ground yourself.

There is an enormous amount of energy moving through your reality.  And your bodies conduct and absorb it — particularly your nervous system.  The human brain generates and absorbs a vast amount of energy.

Human brains are a lot like nuclear reactors.  In order to function properly, they must be cooled down.  Otherwise they overheat, and when this happens, things can get quite toxic.

What heats the brain?  Any kind of cogitative thought.  Strategizing, planning, calculating.  Imagination heats the brain even more — visualizing, fantasizing.  Worry is a negative use of the imagination that heats the brain.  All creative work heats the brain.  Watching TV, or looking at information on a screen heats the brain.  Computers are very heating for the brain and nervous system.

What cools the brain?  Being outdoors.  Bathing in water.  Engaging in activities that minimize cogitative…

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  1. crazybeanrider

    Thank you for the posting this article, I worry and have a lot of anxiety, and it is good to know there are reachable ways to cool-down that process.

    1. rachelmiller1511 Post author

      Glad you liked it. I really love the blog- every post is so relatable and helpful. I really liked the analogy because I know when I’ve been on the computer too long my brain is racing and steaming and I find it hard to calm down. It’s really helpful to read about “cooling” activities!

      1. projectwhitespace

        Oh, I know what you mean about something that gets your brain racing and steaming. Surfing the internet totally does that to me. I can’t surf the internet at night because I won’t be able to sleep.

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