Where’s Your Happy Place?

When I was a kid I had a place where I could escape all my childhood cares and be completely at peace with myself. It was along a disused railway track and up a slope. There was a stile where I would sit and look out over the beautiful fields. Skylarks and Yellowhammers were always twittering and made heavenly companions. If I was angry to begin with, I’d inevitably feel more calm after 10 minutes or so just sitting doing nothing except soaking up nature.

In a way I didn’t even feel alone. I definitely felt some kind of universal presence, call it God or Spirit. Nature always had a subtle power to befriend me and allow me to offload my troubles.

This is gonna sound so stupid but even watching cows or sheep grazing helps me refocus and calm my emotions. I love the way all they care about is grass- chew, chew, chew. All they seem to think about is where the next best bit of grass is. I love it! Their lives are so simple! Kind of brings any of my worldly problems back into perspective! Sometimes I think animals are way smarter than humans.

I also have an imaginary happy place that I “visit” when meditating, under a big oak tree at the top of a gently sloping wildflower meadow. It overlooks hills and trees. Here I imagine sitting and reading. All the dogs I’ve grown up with are with me, lying around in the sun, as well as the horses I used to ride. No people though!!

Dogs are brilliant too. My dog Cassie is never sad. She might get a bit worked up when she knows her dinner or walk is due, but afterwards she never fails to jump up on our laps for a cuddle. She’s so happy! She doesn’t worry about impressing anyone or what she needs to get done or relationships. Once the belly is full she’s the most contented animal ever! A lesson in gratitude from a dog!

16 thoughts on “Where’s Your Happy Place?

  1. Summer Moon

    Your childhood happy place sounds beautiful! I can understand how that peaceful place brought you serenity and happiness. There is something about nature that brings me peace too. I love that kind of scenery, and I love the ocean a lot too. The sounds of birds chirping, wind blowing, waves crashing, seagulls soaring are all excellent natural relaxations.

    What you say about dogs and other animals is so true! I have often thought how a dog can just lie around most of the day and still remain so happy and carefree. I put myself into his/her place and think, “How do they not get bored?” But, they don’t. As you said, when they’re due for something, they will get antsy, but the littlest things will make them so happy. Animals can teach us a lot of things.

    1. rachelmiller1511 Post author

      Oh yes, the sea is wonderful! We went to the beach at the weekend, we’re lucky to live very near the coast. I love paddling in the sea, usually surrounded by lots of children! I’m such a big kid!

      I love clear, shallow, fast-running rivers too and waterfalls!

      Animals ARE great teachers aren’t they?!

      Hope you’re well Summer, so great that you understand me!!

  2. Sandy Sue

    You remind me how important it is to get outside, really *be* outside and let it fill my well. Thank you for that. And animals *are* brilliant. I love Cassie’s expression. “Okay, you can put these stupid glasses on me because I love you but there better be a treat for me after.”

  3. Muddy Rain

    I love that goofy dog picture, what a cutie pie, he looks…. intellectual in those glasses! LOL I’ve just found your blog, there’s so much content that it’s gonna take me forever to read it all! But how inspirational it is to read your experiences. I’ve just started my own blog It’s early days yet, but I hope too that I can find some ‘healing’ Please stop by and take a look, leave a comment, or just say ‘hi’. It would be great to get some feedback, tips about blogging, and info about whether keeping a blog actually help recovery. Thanks.


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