Crazy, Hypomanic Birthday-Shopping!!!!

Oh no, I’ve got my crazy brain on today.

(Apologies in advance for over-use of exclamation marks and capitals, but I have so much energy I’m bouncing off the walls and want to scream everything out!!!)

My thoughts are spinning at a mile a minute and every ounce of my strength is being used to stop myself going shopping! If the bus stop were any closer to my house they’d be no chance! Whooooosh- out the door in three seconds flat! I’m an expert at getting ready super-fast!

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Money-Driven Hypomanic-ness

Yesterday was my birthday . I’m always very happy to receive money, it’s wonderful! But I get so overexcited it’s untrue! I’m like a little kid! I can’t wait to get to the shops. I have barely any thought of NOT spending money. It’s like as soon as I get it, I can’t wait to get rid of it!! Does anyone else get like this?

Receiving larger sums of money is definitely a trigger into hypomania for me, although I think I was hypomanic anyway, so now I’ve just gone super-sonic!!!!

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Shopping sprees are so much fun and the ultimate in self-indulgence. I just love going into shops and thinking “you can have anything you want Rachel!”. Honestly, the amount of useless crap I buy, if I get anywhere near a shop, would leave me unable to get around my house for all the junk on the floor!

Before I learned about hypomania- I had some very interesting manic shopping sprees. When I was about 18 I began collecting Beanie Babies. This was after I got my first paying job and I was still living at home. Suddenly I had all this “spare” money- WOO HOO!! At no point did the thought ever occur to me to save any of it for later. Oh no! Must shop, shop, shop, shop!!

So my Beanie Baby collection grew over about a few weeks to near-on 30. Needless to say, when I came down from the high I wondered what the hell I’d bought them all for! So I sold them!

When I was hypomanic they looked so cute and colourful and ALIVE! I just had to have them there and then!

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By the way, the totally ironic-thing is that I usually HATE shopping- due to overwhelm in crowds and noise. When I’m hypomanic, it just seems to spur me on!

University was a nightmare for shopping. For the first time ever I saw the money in my bank account reach over a thousand pounds- thanks to the Student Loans Company. My eyes would pop out of my head! I skipped so many lectures when I was hypomanic because all I could think about was shopping. I spent a ridiculous amount of money on tiny little things I didn’t need. I think the little things are worse, because it’s easier to think you can afford them. But they all build up fast!

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I’ve always struggled with money-management ever since.

I do hand over the cards to Chris if I’m ever at risk for going off on a shopping bender. I might almost be at that point today!

Slow and calm, Rachel, slow, calm, peaceful thoughts……oooh, is that a Waterstones??!

INTERESTING THOUGHT: “possibly it’s the misdirected creative ability of hypomania which is the driving force (of excessive spending in Bipolar).” From a nice little article: Bipolar and Money on Life, Love and Bipolar.

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14 thoughts on “Crazy, Hypomanic Birthday-Shopping!!!!

  1. Sandy Sue

    Oh, yes, I know this brain on fire. I used to be a collector, too. There was just JOY in searching and finding, then adding the find to the collection. Then, when I lost everything and had to sell off those collections, I realized how empty they really were.
    Now that I live on very little money, my sprees are minuscule in comparison to those old days, but sprees nonetheless. These compulsive behaviors are the hardest part of living with bipolar for me. I’m looking forward to reading some of these other articles.

    1. rachelmiller1511 Post author

      I think they might be the hardest for me too- particularly the eating. Yes, I have much less money than when I used to, so as you say, the sprees are not excessive. Makes it all the more exciting when I get birthday money!!

      Right now I’m engaging in some relatively harmless Pinterest addiction. At least instead of collecting possessions I can collect free digital images :).

  2. lala1966

    I think being hypomanic at birthday time seems like a really fun experience!! I am the kind of person, well I am now at least, who can stay in control of myself with the little money I make each month. Even if there is money in the bank. I know it is supposed to be used for important things. But if I get a large sum of money all at one time. I will think, “oh this is so much money! I can now get the things I wanted!”. Then all of the money is gone in like one day!! LOL. It is kind of a really big high and then a crash! suddenly let down. I am so gald that you had a nice birthday sweety xx

    1. rachelmiller1511 Post author

      That’s exactly how it is!!! I can cope with being drip fed money- enough to cover essentials. It’s just these larger amounts I get totally over-excited by!!

      Thanks Carla- it was a lovely birthday xxx

  3. Tallulah "Lulu" Stark

    I, too, love the shopping. I’m not hypomanic right now, but I’m looking forward to the thrill of thrift store shopping tomorrow. I love the challenge to find the nicest stuff for the best deals. I think shopping is like hunting for women!

  4. sakuraandme

    Hahaha. slow down Rachel! *smiling* Hypo mania is a great deal of fun! I know!!
    As for Face Book? I’m a complete novice! I have a page linked to Depression exists, but no one really goes to it! So if I can work it out? *laughing* I shall like you!!
    Shopping is one of my past times….now I’ve got Christmas presents to occupy my wasteful spending! Actually at least christmas shopping isn’t really wasteful! It’s a must!
    Paula x

    1. rachelmiller1511 Post author

      I LOVE Christmas shopping so much!! Makes me even more hyper!! I love thinking of things to buy other people and watching them open them on Christmas Day. Don’t worry about Facebook LOL!
      Have a great day Paula!


      1. sakuraandme

        No I think It worked? Yours was just a click at the bottom! *yeah*
        I can actually do that! Can you imagine if we shopped together?
        *laughing* what a hoot!!!
        Chow Rach xx

      2. sakuraandme

        Mmmm …Strange as I thought I had taken that down? is that under Depression Exists? If not *whoops* I told you I’m a novice with Face Book! *laughing* x

  5. Pingback: Christmas- Cooling off! | Working Through Emotional Disorder

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