Bipolar Disorder: A Spiritual Perspective

ID-10016441This time last year I was working in a job that was making me miserable and increasing the severity of Bipolar symptoms.

I quit in April 2012.

I can’t believe how much my opinions and beliefs about Bipolar (and other mental health issues) have changed since then. Also my opinions about me as a person. All for the better!!

The change has been brought about by attending spiritual development classes with the fantastic support and guidance of our teacher and other class members.

This time last year I felt like a victim and completely hopeless about life.

Now, I feel like I was destined to live this path in life and that I have a choice as to how I walk it: kicking and screaming and being dragged the whole way; or with acceptance and love for myself, the universe and supporters around me.

Bipolar from a Spiritual Perspective

This information that has changed my perspective from one of Bipolar making me a victim, and Bipolar just being part of my life path:

– We are all incarnated in this world to learn, to grow and evolve as a soul. We, as a soul, choose this life path before we are born.

– Bipolar Disorder can be seen less as an illness, but more as a life path that requires us to learn emotional balance.

– To learn to live a balanced Bipolar life we must learn to love and look after ourselves- paying particular attention to our emotional lives and relationships.

– There are events in our past- often traumatic- which may trigger Bipolar patterns. These were possibly mapped out by our own souls into our lives, to “switch on” Bipolar patterns and therefore begin our path of learning.

– In this light, all trauma and dysfunctional relationships could have been planned for our own soul growth. This makes it slightly easier to forgive others when seen in this light.

Interesting articles on Bipolar Disorder and Karma:

Bipolar Disorder: Mismanaged Emotions– The interesting viewpoint that in previous lives we may have suppressed our emotions in order to progress in other areas. Bipolar is our karma- it forces us to work on our emotions!!

Bipolar Disorder, Reincarnation and Karma

Essential Prerequisites for Healing Bipolar Disorder

Spiritual Development Classes
ID-10035460 (1)

I am so lucky and grateful to have met my Spiritual Development teacher: Dawn Crystal. She is a fantastic medium and never once have I questioned the information she receives from Spirit as it feels so honest and true. Her messages and teachings are always from a place of love and that to me is why I trust the information.

The main teachings we work with are that we have all incarnated on this Earth to learn and grow and love.

When I first began the classes, I was still having Bipolar episodes. I even turned up on a couple of occasions and ended up sobbing my little heart out once we began meditating. It’s amazing how meditating puts you in touch with what’s REALLY going on inside!

Working on Spiritual and Personal Growth is wonderful when our guides and angels are made known to us. Suddenly I feel tremendously supported in life- I’ve never been alone, even in those moments of intense darkness, when I felt my soul was dying. I now know the spirits of my Grandfather and Grandmother have been with me through these times. I have often felt them around me, but never believed it. I always thought it was my imagination. Thanks to my teacher and some of the other mediums I work with, I now know it to be true and am starting to believe that I am intuitive and perhaps an empath (lovely article here on The Bipolar Mystic).

It’s been difficult to face up to some home truths so far- I know I shun responsibility and have a staggering amount of fears, both big and small, but at least I know I have the support to get through them and that this is all part of what I am here on Earth to do!! The great thing about seeing “the Truth” is that you also learn to accept the wonderful, beautiful, magical things about yourself and your life.

The Bach Flower Remedies that we also work with have been an enormous support and I thoroughly recommend them for easing mental health symptoms.

I know I still have a long, long way to go, but I have so much more hope and support. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  I am blessed!!

For You Too

I was hoping that by sharing my own change of heart over “Bipolar”, that maybe it would be something you could consider too? Knowing we are aided and supported by guides and departed loved-ones in our lives is extremely comforting. Knowing that we are supposed to be here in the world and that we have chosen this path, can be quite empowering.   (After the initial-“why the hell would I choose a thing like that?!!!!”). I now know I can get through the tough times and that we are never given anything we are not capable of handling, That makes us immensely strong people in my opinion!!

A Choice

In 2013 I choose to see all the positive I have in my life- all the gifts, the support, the qualities- and I choose to use them. I choose to be empowered, not a victim, and to create a life I love, full of fulfilment from service, love for myself and others, gratitude, forgiveness, creativity, health and fun! What do you choose?!!



Bach Flower Remedies for Bipolar Disorder, Depression and Anxiety

Angel Readings, Reiki and Bach Flower Remedies with Dawn Chrystal

Intuitive Empathy: An Explanation for Some Bipolar Individuals on The Bipolar Mystic.

Bipolar Disorder: Mismanaged Emotions

Bipolar Disorder, Reincarnation and Karma

Essential Prerequisites for Healing Bipolar Disorder

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15 thoughts on “Bipolar Disorder: A Spiritual Perspective

  1. Sarah Louise Drury

    Hi. I loved your post. I love your attitude. I was diagnosed with bipolar in my twenties and have now been diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder. Life has been tough. I have found my spiritual path and am choosing the path of love rather than fear. So many fears and so much negativity but now I’ve recognised this I can overcome it with love and self-acceptance. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story,

  2. sakuraandme

    Hi Rachel! Happy New Year!!
    My mum is very spiritual and studied Hypnotherapy. She lived with us for 4 1/2 years and during that time got me to meditate and align my chakras everyday. As reluctant as I was to do it! I always felt better after. She still keeps on for me to do it, but I’m a little lazy there.:) I’m glad you have found peace within yourself. It’s hard to accept that we all chose the paths we are living… before we came back to this earth.:) Especially when that path was so destructive and painful!
    For that alone, I sometimes struggle to accept. In saying that… I believe it’s easier to believe in ones higher self than to believe in a god! Really happy , that your happy! Love and light! …..Paula x

    1. rachelmiller1511 Post author

      Hi Paula!

      Happy New Year to you too! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and managed to keep calm amidst the chaos!!

      You know about chakras too! I do the alignment thing sometimes, and like you say, you do feel better afterwards!

      Yeah, it’s taken a while for me to accept I chose this path. My ego has been very angry with my spirit for choosing it, so forgiving myself for the choice is something that I go through every now and again!! Yes, I think a Higher Self can be easier to believe in, especially if you’ve had negative religious experiences. I’m certainly not religious. I was brought up that way and the image of God that formed in my mind was not a positive influence! I guess I think in terms of Spirit now, rather than God.

      Love & Light to you Paula!


      1. sakuraandme

        Me too!

        The day was boiling hot! Still, the pool was full of bodies laughing and joking!

        I’m changing how I think and feel this year! I want my life back, and I hope this year you can do the same! we deserve to be happy. 🙂

        Love to you Rachel………Paula xx

  3. Sandy Sue

    Rachel, I’ve so loved following your journey. You and I both believe the only real way to manage BP is as a spiritual practice. The illness is the teacher, pointing out the areas and issues we need to tend to and heal. Overcoming fear, embracing acceptance, taking responsibility, persevering—these are all tasks we’re called to tackle. May we both continue to be open to the lessons ahead!

    1. rachelmiller1511 Post author

      Hi Sandy,

      Happy New Year- with the emphasis on Happy!

      I love that you believe this too- it’s so wonderful when you find others who are on the same path. The way you describe this is absolutely how I see my Bipolar journey now- thank you for articulating it so well!


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