Depression SOS: Bach Flower Remedies

ID-10051179There are many here on Earth who, at this time, feel very lost and alone. Deep despair and depression can take over. Some believe this to be the Dark Night of the Soul.

There are some wonderful Bach Flower Remedies available which can help to support you in this time:

Gorse: restores hope when all hope feels lost.

Sweet Chestnut: for the hopeless despair when you feel you have reached the limit of endurance.

Mustard: for overpowering gloom that seems to appear for no apparent reason.

For those in a suicidal state of mind:

Cherry Plum

For more information about the remedies and where you can buy them:

Bach Flower Remedies on My Bipolar Life

Bach Calm: Official Flower Remedy Shop

My Experience with Bach Flower Remedies

I’ve been working with the remedies for about a year now. Please don’t ever come off any medication if you decide to try them. They provide wonderful support for different emotional states and allow you to work through energetic blockages which may be detrimental to your health and wellbeing.ID-100126946

Fast Relief: Some remedies I have found to act very quickly, others seem to take a week or two. I took Gorse and Mustard with Cherry Plum when I was in a deep depression and found relief within a day or two!!! This is such a wonderful thing to find as anti-depressants often take weeks to begin to work. They lifted my mood enough for me to see where I needed to make changes in my life- even little ones. Before I was taking the remedies, I think I’d pretty much given up trying to get better, even with all the medication!

If you’re at the end of your tether with depression- give them a try!!!! You never know they might just work for you too!!


Depression as a Spiritual Transformation: By Dr. Judith Orlaff M.D.

Eckhart Tolle on The Dark Night of the Soul.

Bach Flower Reference Guide

Photo Credits: Orange Marigold by Simon Howden; Purple Vinca by toa55, both via


8 thoughts on “Depression SOS: Bach Flower Remedies

  1. N. Kennedy

    You’re lucky that the remedies worked so quickly for you. They can often take weeks to work, especially if you have been in a particular emotional state for a long time.

    1. rachelmiller1511 Post author

      Yes I was lucky! I do think remedies work differently for different people- allopathic meds do after all. I definitely find that some remedies work more quickly than others. Rescue Remedy always works very quickly.
      Mainly though my mood states are fairly quick to come and go anyway- so if I feel my mood dipping I’ll start on Mustard or Gorse quickly, to prevent deepening of mood.

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