My Bipolar Life Revamped!!

Just a quick update.Flower

I’ve decided to change the name of the site from My Bipolar Life to Working Through Bipolar Disorder. The theme has also been changed.

Over the last year my posts have become less about myself alone and more about how anyone with Bipolar Disorder (or other mental health issues) can work through the issues presented. I like to take my own experience and expand on that to, hopefully, present others with information that may help them. That’s my aim anyway!!

My beliefs have also changed from believing myself to be a victim of circumstance, to a more spiritual realisation. I believe we choose our life plan before we are incarnated on earth as physical beings, that we have consciously chosen to overcome these issues for our own soul growth and to balance out karma from previous lifetimes. Therefore I believe we need to work through the issues associated with our behavioural and cognitive patterns.

The website will still be about bipolar disorder and ways in managing and overcoming symptoms, but much more from a spiritual and personal development perspective.

For more info please see: Bipolar Disorder: A Spiritual Perspective

I am also available to help those who wish for extra support on their bipolar journey (or with depression, anxiety, personality disorders, eating disorders, etc) with intuitive guidance, angel card readings and Bach Flower Remedy recommendations.

Just want to say thanks too, to those of you who keep returning to the site. Thank you so much, I appreciate it!


8 thoughts on “My Bipolar Life Revamped!!

  1. Sandy Sue

    I think as we all keep doing this work, there’s a natural tendency to offer what “wisdom” we’ve discovered for ourselves in hope that it might make one other person’s life a little easier. Keep the Faith, my friend.


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