Emotional Wellness

It is only since having found my balance whilst not working that I realise how I easily I fall out of balance. Being out of balance felt like this:

– a struggle.

– huge mental and physical effort to get through the day.

– depression, anxiety, agitation or hypomanic energy.

– loss of control over emotions and life in general.

– overwhelmed and overstimulated swinging with boredom in life.

– addicted.

– thoughts of suicide and death in general. (ALWAYS see a doctor if this is the case).

– exhausted mentally and physically.

– pains; headaches, IBS, tense and sore muscles.

It took me a long, long time to realise that I didn’t have to feel like this anymore.

Life is not about struggle. I couldn’t continue to live struggling. There was no need.


Deep Rest and Retreat

Being at home most days may seem very boring to those…

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