Bipolar Disorder as Spiritual Awakening

ID-10021637This post is based on my opinion as well as extensive research and experience throughout the last few years.

My Spiritual Experiences During Hypomania

During episodes of hypomania I have frequently felt more at one with nature and in harmony with life in general, as well as with spirit. These experiences have had a euphoric quality to them where I have felt “high”, believing that I have energetic powers including healing.

I always assumed this was part of mania and that I was having grandiose delusions. I would have so much energy that I would feel I was bursting out of my skin.

But what if I wasn’t delusional- what if there was some truth to these intense intuitive experiences? It may sound grandiose now- but what if we all have these dormant psychic skills ready to reawaken?

The symptoms of Bipolar Disorder (as well as depression and anxiety in general) are extremely similar to those that occur as we awaken spiritually.

ID-100136585Spiritual Awakening and Ascension

Spiritual awakening is the process by which our spirits are reunited with our bodies and minds. Our higher self is integrated into our lives as we begin to see how we are all connected as one, and that we have higher purposes in our lives.

This process is occurring increasingly in many people, as earth and all its life forms evolve to a higher dimension, whereby we see each other as brothers and sisters and live from a place of love. Psychic abilities will also develop in many. This is known as Ascension.

As we ascend as individuals, we undergo spiritual awakening, which brings about many symptoms in our mind, body and emotions as we clear out old baggage, and mental and behavioural patterns which no longer serve us.

Many spiritual writers and teachers are sharing information regarding ascension. Diana Cooper is a favourite of mine and explains more about the phenomenon here.

Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

As we awaken, our bodies and minds need to shed old patterns and beliefs which no longer serve a purpose in our lives, and keep us at lower vibrational energy. This leads to many symptoms that include the following:

  • depression & anxiety
  • periods of high energy manifesting in our lives as hyperactivity, racing thoughts, creative bursts (sound familiar?!) etc.
  • new sleep patterns whereby we often wake up between the hours of 2-4pm, fall back to sleep, then possibly wake up again.
  • periods of intense emotion & mood swings- crying at the drop of a hat, switching to laughter.
  • life altering events.
  • growing interest in spirituality.
  • a sense of higher purpose or wishing to know what this is.
  • a feeling of being “different”.

These are just a few of the symptoms. For an extensive list please click here.

As you can see quite a few of the experiences listed overlap with Bipolar Disorder symptoms.

There are a few resources, discussion forums and videos on the internet which discuss this phenomenon. Here is a Google search of Spiritual Awakening and Bipolar Disorder.

ID-10035460What does this mean for us?

The tie-in between Bipolar and Spiritual Awakening may have no meaning for you whatsoever! But for me, and hopefully more and more individuals, it is profoundly meaningful and has changed my life.

I no longer feel a victim of my emotions and, through guidance in spiritual and personal development from a wonderful teacher, I am learning to grow and take charge of my life.

Spiritual & Personal Development

For me, spiritual and personal development have meant taking the reins of my life. Where my emotions have frequently felt like an out-of-control horse running away with me, I am now learning to balance myself and that it is perfectly fine and right to live a life that is different from others. It keeps my emotions in balance. I am so much happier after only a year of this work! I have spent much more time in quiet and solitude, and have learnt to protect and value my innate sensitivity. This development work is something we can all do!

I have also come to learn that many of the emotions I experience are not actually my own, but that I am energetically picking up on the emotions of those around me. It is quite possible you do this too! Development work teaches you to discern which emotions are yours and which are other peoples’, as well as how to clear these emotions from yourself and protecting against further experiences.

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71 thoughts on “Bipolar Disorder as Spiritual Awakening

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  3. Sarah

    I loved this post! I have had two major bipolar episodes and both times they were extremely spiritual experiences during which I felt immense shifts in my understanding and interpretation of the world. I have done a little research into spiritual awakening turned spiritual emergency but I would like to do more. Thanks for all the great links! I will definitely check them out.

    1. Sarah Beattie

      Hi Rachel,
      I also believe that my two major manic episodes were incredible spiritual experiences. I am also trying to find out whether or not there are different types of bi-polar 1. Psychiatry seems to believe that it is a genetic disorder yet there is no bi-polar or depression in my family – is anyone else in the same position?
      Love to all

      1. rachelmiller1511 Post author

        Hi Sarah- thanks for sharing about your manic episodes. It’s really interesting to hear from other people who have had similar episodes and affirms for me that this really is a spiritual experience! I’ve not read anything about different types of Bipolar 1. I’m starting to believe that there are so many different ways in which people experience bipolar or depression or schizophrenia, that researchers would never be able to classify us to satisfy all!! It’s interesting that you say your family have no history of depression or bipolar, but I don’t think it’s unheard of. Thanks again for taking the time to share here! Rachel xx

      2. Anthony Moore

        Hi Rachel,

        Your comments seem to match-up with the experiences I’ve had over the past years. Before I go on, I notice that your post was Jan of last year so was wondering if you were still active on this blog.

      3. Mary Guiney

        Hey there. Doctors deem it as being genetic. However I studied biochemistry and nutrition and believe it to be epigenetic. Ie it is more to do with your environment and who you hang out with. I have too many friends and at the age of 30 I have learned that 5 or 6 of them have had a negative and jealous impact on me so I have put them in the bin! Source out only positive people. Hope this helps

    2. I get it

      I am going through one of many hypomania in my life, but the first since I started daily yoga, meditation and vegan diet. There is an amazing element of spirituality and wisdom to this episode that was absent in previous ones. I am curious to know if you maintained the wisdom and insight you had access to during your spiritual “mania” when the episode was over?

      1. Sarah Beattie

        Hi ‘I get it’, In my experience it takes a while to get over the shock of the manic episode and assimilate all the information. Try listening/watching the Kryon channellings on youtube. It was when I heard this information that everything finally made sense to me. Keep up with the yoga and meditation and make sure you get enough sleep to prevent yourself from going to high. All the best Sarah

  4. rachelmiller1511 Post author

    Reblogged this on Working Through Emotional Disorder and commented:

    I’m reblogging my post from last weekend as my site was shut down by WordPress!! Thankfully it was their mistake and it’s all been reinstated now!
    Those of you who follow my site wouldn’t have had access to the post, so I’m putting it out there again!!


  5. sakuraandme

    Hi Rachel, I’m really happy that you found this path. Spirituality is being at one with the universe. Accepting the good with the bad and knowing and understanding that everything happens for a reason. Not always easy to accept… but once you do life gets lighter. It’s not for everyone, but I’m happy you have found this inner peace. Love and light to you dear, Rachel.
    Huge hug Paula xxxx

  6. Shelly

    Reblogged this on onbeingmindful and commented:
    this post resonates deeply! I have been doing my own research and have had many of the same experiences and awakenings as Rachel. It may make sense to you as well!

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  10. mrmathewMathew

    A very good read, thank you. I passed this on to a person with bipolar who is spiritually minded, I’m sure it will assist.

    I don’t suffer with bipolar myself but I can relate because of various experiences I have had that some people call delusional episodes.

    I am thinking in writing up on this subject that delusions can be actual experiences of other dimensions, we can at times relate it to this dimension but mostly it’s about other dimensions I believe.

    A discussion about comas has cropped up as well recently which I feel is also related to dimensions.

    1. rachelmiller1511 Post author

      Hi Mr Mathew! Thank you so much for your positive feedback. I am very much of the opinion that we genuinely are experiencing other dimensions and that this can cause confusion and imbalances. It’s so great to hear from others who are also thinking along similar lines. A friend of mine is campaigning tirelessly in the UK to have the spiritual side of mental health issues to be taken as seriously as the thought patterns. Introducing meditation techniques such as grounding and clearing could make a significant difference in many people’s lives, as well as the use of energy healing modalities. I think it’s beginning to become a bit more accepted.
      Thanks so much for passing the article on to your friend & for taking the time to comment.

      Best wishes,


  11. Ping

    hi rachel
    im so afraid right now. im not bipolar. but i started to feel so different a few days ago. it was ongoing. two days ago my entire body went light, i felt like my chest was manifesting this ball of excitement. i mean like it was such a strange feeling because i could quiet literally feel it expanding until it got to my throat neck and ears to my head…..and when i would think of people i could ‘feel’ them. it was such a strange but fascinating experience. with everything else happening i thought i had an ailment not a spiritual awakening because i have never been one for spirituality. so this scares me significantly because i dont know why its happening to me or who is ‘calling’ for my awakening. please advise.

    1. rachelmiller1511 Post author

      Hi there,

      What you’re experiencing could indeed be a symptom of spiritual awakening. Are you in the UK? If so, you could get more information and help from the Spiritual Crisis Network:
      I imagine other countries have similar organisations.

      Please don’t be scared, there is no need to be. It is part of a natural process and is safe. The best thing to do is take it easy for a few days, have rest, drink lots of water, get outside in nature. Have a few calm days if you possibly can. The symptoms are unlikely to last longer than a few days.

      Another option is to find a very good local Reiki healer, who is possibly a medium too- they may be able to help calm any symptoms and put your mind at ease.

      I hope that helps!


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  17. Kane Rickman-Tyack

    Hey I have bipolar and have only just started learning and understanding about spirituality

    Was hoping for some advice on to what bipolar really is like this article explains and how to manage it in greater detail for I have some truly beautiful days and see life for how it really is and it is indescribable

    But today I do not know I feel lost like a I’m feeling a million different things at once and it’s all getting a bit to much and I can’t seem to find or remember how to get back to that earlier emotional state where everything is beautiful

    1. rachelmiller1511 Post author

      Hi- I’m sorry to hear you’re going through some tougher days. I very much go through this pattern- seeing life as beautiful, and then despondency about not being able to find this feeling again. I think it’s important not to judge this as any kind of failure, but just to accept that this is how things are today and that’s ok. Everything we feel is ok- whether good or bad. It is frustrating when you have felt so much wonder and awe, to go back to a state of confusion or depression. But it is best to accept it, rather than fight it, and see this as the most loving thing to do for ourselves. Warm wishes, rachel.

  18. I get it

    Thank you for this. I would love to see more in the mental health world taking these ideas into consideration. I think tremendous sources of energy and insight could be gif Ted to the world from those with the label “bipolar”, if their treatment included more of what you say here, and less medicating the brilliance out of a person in order for society to be more comfortable Around them

    1. rachelmiller1511 Post author

      Luckily there are groups working in the UK at the moment who have been in talks with the psychiatric community about new treatments and care plans that are more to do with spirituality and overcoming traumas. Things are moving forwards here, and some significant individuals are listening to what is being said, and taking action. It’s wonderful to know that new approaches to mental health treatments are being seriously considered!! Thanks for your input!! Best wishes, Rachel xxx

  19. Londongal

    My younger brother committed suicide from Bipolar years ago and my biggest regret was that I wish I knew back then what I know now. Before he passed away, he used to talk a lot about vibrations and energies, he used to feel people’s true intention before we would later know that he was right. He was very intuitive and use to tell us there was nothing wrong with him, he was just highly evolved. Of cos, we put this down to “grandiose delusions” – Years later with what I know now, I start to reconcile a lot of what he said with my new beliefs, for instance, he talked a lot about reincarnation, and how we are all connected by one energy, etc. Did I mention that there was no internet around that time to google anything and the only religion we knew was the bible? So this was considered blasphemy in the family. Now wish we paid more attention to him. I think not having anyone understand him might have driven him to suicide – i.e wanting a peaceful place where he was not constantly medicated and he wasn’t wrong. I believe there is so much more to Bipolar than science is telling us right now. I intuitively believe there is a connection between spiritual development and bipolar and that in fact calling it a disorder would soon be considered incorrect. My research led me to your article. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. rachelmiller1511 Post author

      I am so sorry for the late reply- I have been neglecting my blog recently. I’m so sorry to hear about your brother’s suicide. It really does sound like he was ahead of his time! Please don’t blame yourself in this though- it would have been a natural thought that these were delusions of grandeur! Like you say, at that time there wasn’t much understanding in spiritual terms, and there is still a long way to go today. You are not to blame in the slightest and I bet you anything you like your brother is looking down from Heaven and telling you not to do the same. He is happier. He found the vibration on earth too low- it was too much of a shock to his system. There are some who are exquisitely sensitive to the energies of others and it is overwhelming. I wish you and your family all the best in releasing any guilt and blame you feel.

    2. gurynemo

      Well Iam going through these experiences for last 14 years!Life is not as easy!This transformation is very difficult thing.I had kundalini awakening 14 yearsI have seen it all and Iam still seeing it everyday! Things have eased out relatively but lot is still unfinished!I know it’s a higher experience,but it’s a very traumatic way to evolve!Though evolution lended by it is very fast.
      I know if I had lived a recluse life,things would have been easier!But I also know if I do that,i will be hurting big time people who love me.They would have lost me.So Im trying to work out a difficult middle path where I don’t lose my spirituality,nor my world.Finding that path is not easy.Thats why my journey has been very difficult.But Iam still hopeful as I get glimpses of my trueself from time to time.Still waiting for the day when I will be completely cleaned of Duality between my mind and my soul.By the way there is difference between awakening and enlightenment!I still haven’t aimed enlightenment.That Iam keeping for later part of my life.And

      1. gurynemo

        And there is some difference between bipolar and spiritual awakening!Though symptomatically they are similar but bipolar patients have inherent tendencies.Loss of insight is there.In spiritual awakening insight is preserved to great extent.Plus there is associated specific event.Mine started with a single day of pranayama.Modern science is based on 5 senses only.It doesn’t recognise psychic dimension although Quantum science is lending some insight into it.

  20. Natalie Smith

    Hello! One of my best friends was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and I immediately looked for this website. I was wondering if there’s anything I could do to help her? Thank you! 🙂

    1. rachelmiller1511 Post author

      I’m so sorry for the late reply- I’ve been neglecting my blog recently! It is so great that you are looking out for your friend and want to know more about the disorder. This in itself is supporting your friend and showing you care. Unfortunately there is not much you can do for those who are suffering from a disorder like this. It is one of those situations where your friend needs to be her own best friend and she will undoubtedly learn to manage the swings in mood over time. The best thing you can do is be a good friend- keep things light, like going out to the cinema or whatever you like to do. Don’t take offense if your friend doesn’t respond to texts/phone calls for a while- it’s almost always never a personal thing, just a need for lots of space. But I think the most important thing is to look after yourself!! Being friends with someone going through such a tough disorder may take it’s toll on you if you give too much of your own energy to your friend. Thanks so much for representing the lovely caring people of the world!

    2. Sarah Beattie

      Hi Natalie! Is she high or low? If High – she probably needs treatment to bring her down – just be there and don’t argue with her even if her ideas seem crazy. I’ve found yoga and Mindfulness Cognitive Behaviour Therapy fantastic for balancing myself – wonderful book by Prof Mark Williams called The Mindfulness Way through Depression. It has a very useful CD which means you can do it at home. I see my Bi-Polar as a huge gift although it has been hugely disruptive in the past ( if she’s high try and persuade her to let someone take control of her finances ). Encourage her not to get depressed about the diagnosis – many incredible people have been/are bi-polar. With Love to you both, Sarah

  21. Gwendolyn

    Hi, please check out –
    In other countries what we call Bi-polar ‘disorder’ or schizophrenia etc. are viewed very differently. I would greatly encourage any and all of you to read this article if you haven’t already. It actually offers some real answers from a Shaman and doctor in Africa about what we’re really dealing with here. It changed my life and brought me to tears. This man believes and his culture believes labels such as these and ‘episodes’ are “The birth of a healer”. Great to see this little community of people sharing experience and beliefs on this issue. Sending love and light.

    1. rachelmiller1511 Post author

      Hi Gwendolyn- sorry for the delay in replying! I’m familiar with the article you’ve linked to- thank you for sharing it here. It really is wonderful how the Shamanic view normalizes the experience and instead of surrounding it in fear with a diagnosis, see it as a beautiful healer being born. I am definitely of this opinion too. I am so glad that you have found your peace. Love and light to you too!

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  23. Thank you

    Thank you so much for this post! I often seem to have racing thoughts at certain moments. I have caught myself twice in the shower at various gyms having racing thoughts which are very exhausting. What could be the reason behind this? Am I picking up these thoughts ? emotions?

    Blessings and peace and right guidance and love and freedom and the best of things for all! What LOVE is in this page! what great love!

    1. rachelmiller1511 Post author

      Aww- what lovely things to say. Thank you!

      The racing thought thing- there could be many reasons! My experience of moderate-high intensity exercise is that it greatly increases my energy levels to the point of hypomania. This would make sense in that the thoughts are coming so quickly after a workout. Yes, it could also be you picking up on other’s thoughts/emotions. It could be a combination. I know I am very sensitive to the loud pumping music of our gym, so that gees me up even more lol!

      Blessings and peace to you too!

    2. Althaea Balda

      honestly coming from someone who operates in the spiritual world what i have found is there are messages in these thing you should write down everything you experience think and feel start keeping a journal and write also your dreams there is something more happening to us absolutely don’t be afraid to explore these times but when you feel you get too high take some deep breaths and do something to ground yourself a bit clean draw create what we have is a gift or a curse all depending on how you use it..good luck 😊

  24. jazminegarcia44

    I clicked on the link under angel readings but it said that post wasn’t up anymore. I really enjoyed this post though and I would really like help and guidance with person and spiritual development. Thank you!

    1. rachelmiller1511 Post author

      You’re correct- it’s not working! I’ve not been doing the angel readings recently, but I’m willing to do a short version for you for free as long as you don’t mind waiting a few days or maybe until next week! Thank you for your positivity!

    2. rachelmiller1511 Post author

      I’m so sorry- I completely forgot about your reading! I will try and remember to do it by the end of the week- if you don’t hear from me, feel free to hassle me!!

  25. Chuck

    Thanks a lot for this article. It is nice to know that others are now linking bi polar and spirituality. I was diagnosed last year after 3/4 psychotic episodes landed me in hospital. I had intense spiritual experiences on all occasions and feel like I have become a better person after (more spiritually connected). I am now taking medication which sometimes makes me sleep all day but I am still grateful for this gift, my life has taken a complete U turn in a good way since the admissions.
    Thanks alot for the article.

    1. rachelmiller1511 Post author

      It is wonderful that you feel more spiritually connected now. I’ve never experienced full blown mania, but have definitely had intense spiritual experiences when hypomanic, and over the years I have become more and more spiritual as a person.
      I take medication too and I still think it helps me, despite my more spiritual perspective of bipolar disorder. Thanks for taking the time to share.

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  28. Amanda

    Hi I believe I am going through a spiritual awakening right now. It’s been a ride. I’ve had rest moments where I feel like everything is falling into place and then deep dark moments where I think I’m losing my mind. I have always had depression and anxiety but now I feel I have bipolar. But I really don’t think that’s it I think there is a reason I’ve suffered my entire life I believe i have a repressed memory and therefore I’ve been fighting some internal demons to say my entire life. I love my life now and all that I have achieved in also a breast cancer survivor have a loving husband and 2 beautiful kids but for some reason I can’t stop feeling like it’s all a dream or something bad is coming bc life hasn’t always been good and I feel like I don’t deserve this so it will be taken away. I’d live to talk more and have some questions answered and some guidance with this all its magical and so scary all at the same time.

    1. rachelmiller1511 Post author

      Hi Amanda- thanks for your comment and I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. It sounds like you’ve had a rough ride! I often feel that spiritual growth spirals round to similar unresolved issues again and again, each time leading to deeper and deeper healing. So it definitely can feel like a rollercoaster! If you’d like to ask any questions, I’m happy to respond- I’m not an expert, just a fellow human traveller who might be able to offer insight!

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  31. Stephen

    I have just come across this site hours after being diagnosed with being bipolar and 6 months after having one of the most dramatic experiences of my whole life.

    I felt it was a spiritual awakening and had some wonderful moments but it was coupled with a lot negativity and destruction. I saw things in a completely different light and I wasn’t able to rationalise my emotions and feelings.

    It’s funny how I’ve just come across this site but at the same time having this experience has taught me that I am more intuitive and am drawn to things, it’s just a case of understanding why things happen.

    Rachel do you or anyone else reading have links for groups in London as I would like to meet up/discuss with like-minded people. Peace love light and blessings to all

    1. rachelmiller1511 Post author

      Hi Stephen- thanks so much for getting in touch. It’s funny how we attract to us the right things we need!! As far as a group in London goes, I know there is quite a bit of work going on with the Spiritual Crisis Network- they might be able to help you. They have a section on their website about Peer Support Groups:

      I have attended their events before and met some amazing people. Well worth looking into!

      Wishing you loads of luck and light on your journey!

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