Depression & Grounding

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASometimes when we are very depressed, our souls feel like they do not want to be here on earth any longer: it is too painful.

This can literally lead to the soul rising upwards so that it is partially out of our bodies. This will make us feel light-headed, dizzy and almost not-there, like we are in a dreamworld. We are ungounded. It is my opinion that dissociation stems from this state.

A Choice

Our souls incarnated here on earth out of choice. We chose to be here. It may seem like a hefty deal when we are very depressed and we may think “why would I choose to be in so much pain?”

We chose to be here now to release karma and to learn. Our souls have a higher plan, nothing like that of our personalities on earth. Our souls long for a reunion with the unconditional love they were birthed from. No wonder we feel so depressed when we deal with much of the pain that is broadcast on the news, or with the negativity that may surround us.

To find inner peace we can learn to surrender our egos to unconditional love from Spirit. Simple, not easy. It takes time and work on self-and spiritual-development


It is important for our souls to be 100% in our bodies so that we remain grounded.

When we are ungrounded we may experience all sorts of unpleasant symptoms including mood swings, energetic swings included extreme tiredness, binge eating (we literally need the heaviness to feel grounded), we hold on to negative emotions (yours or other people’s), distractability and tension. These are just a few.

So you can see how important it is for our soul to remain fully grounded in our bodies.

Grounding Activities

It is essential for our own health and balance that we remain grounded. To do this imagine roots leaving the soles of your feet and burrowing their way to the centre of the earth. Make the roots thick and strong. You should begin to feel heavier as if gravity is pulling you downwards more strongly. Really relax into the feeling.

Other methods of grounding include doing grounded activities: housework, gardening, walks in nature, physical exercise (yoga is excellent), dancing, etc.

ForestGrounding Aids

Grounding aids include crystals such as Hematite, Black Tourmaline and Smokey Quartz, which you can keep in your pocket, or hold whilst meditating. Personally I find hematite is pure magic and I feel pulled to the ground like a magnet.

Bach Flower Remedies are great too- Clematis is a key remedy for grounding and can be found in Bach Rescue Remedy, an excellent addition to your grounding tool kit.

For Bach Flower Remedy recommendations for depression, anxiety & hypomania, please click here.

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20 thoughts on “Depression & Grounding

  1. Gypsymichele

    Wow you said a mouth full in a short time. Such lovely wording. Thank you for speaking from your heart and your experiences. Never stop because what you write is so important to so many of us. Much love, Gypsymichele ❤

    1. rachelmiller1511 Post author

      Thanks so much Gypsymichele- that means a lot. I know a lot of people won’t agree with what I believe about the role of spirituality in mental health, but it’s lovely to have support from people like you! Hugs xx

  2. Professions for PEACE

    Beautiful writing on a wise and important topic. Thank you for sharing! Your tips for grounding through activities and aids is truly helpful. It has brought me even more insights as to why I’ve spent the last month doing a tremendous amount of work gardening rather than being in the house, sometimes not turning the computer on for days (gasp). I feel wonderfully grounded when I am in the garden, whether right in the soil working, or sitting on the bench in the shade gazing at the plants and listening to the birds in the trees.
    Thanks again for this wonderful article. Hugs, Gina

    1. rachelmiller1511 Post author

      Hi Gina, thanks so much for your positivity! I think being in nature is one of the most grounding things to do and one of the most peaceful. I always seem to be able to find myself & my higher guidance there.

      If I’m not grounded (which can be quite a lot if I’m not consciously doing it) I feel so scatty, dizzy and distractible!

      Sounds like you’ve been having a great time in your garden!

      Thanks again for stopping by and adding your insight.


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  4. Erin

    Hi there!

    Thanks so much for your article. What I don’t understand is why is it “important for our souls to be 100% in our bodies so that we remain grounded.” Does ‘grounding’ make us feel ‘heavier’? When I have been depressed before, I often feel heavy enough already. Also, if we are spiritual beings, isn’t it good to be connected to that world (half in/out of our bodies)? If we are grounded, how does that bring us closer to the spirit world if it’s bringing us closer to the earth?

    Thank you for your blog, and your beautiful work!


    1. rachelmiller1511 Post author

      Hi Erin,

      Sorry for the late reply!

      These are such great questions!

      1. Why is it “important for our souls to be 100% in our bodies so that we remain grounded” ?

      If our souls are part way out of our bodies (yes this is possible!) it creates an energetic vacuum which can be filled by the negative energy of others, including those in spirit. Obviously this creates more negative emotions inside us and increases the severity of our depression.

      2. Does ‘grounding’ make us feel ‘heavier’? When I have been depressed before, I often feel heavy enough already.

      It is a different kind of heavy is the only way I can describe it. The feeling of being grounded is like the energetic force between two strong magnets, you feel more pulled down to the earth. Your head is much clearer, you feel more relaxed and comfortable in your body. I think the heaviness felt in depression is much more of an emotional heaviness. Hope that makes sense!

      3. Also, if we are spiritual beings, isn’t it good to be connected to that world (half in/out of our bodies)?

      Absolutely yes, it is good to be connected to the spiritual world, but only if we are grounded. You can feel grounded and still have the connection to spirit. This is the ideal state. Having too many spiritual energies inside, without proper grounding can cause all sorts of mood swings. The energy needs to be able to connect with the ground, to flow through us, rather than take up residence inside us.

      4. If we are grounded, how does that bring us closer to the spirit world if it’s bringing us closer to the earth?

      Hopefully I answered that in the last question! Without the grounding , the energies remain within our bodies- these are foreign energies. Even if they are of a high vibration (working with angels, spirit guides, ascended masters) the energy still needs to flow through us, otherwise the high vibrational energy can cause symptoms similar to mania.

      Thanks again for your feedback- you’ve worked me hard!!


      1. Erin

        Hi Rachel!

        Oh my goodness. Thank you so much! I think this makes sense! I have been trying to open up my third eye and I’ve been feeling all sort of weirdness, dizziness, stuffy nose, stomach issues! I’ve been having experiences from the other side, but it’s on top of all of this, so must be because I need some grounding. This makes a lot of sense! At one point, it was like all these different characters/forces/energies were invading my brain (and my body I guess) spinning around! I shut it down sort of at that point!

        Thanks so much. Happiness to you!


      2. rachelmiller1511 Post author


        You may need to close down the third eye after meditating- not completely though! Just imagine it closing until it is open just a tiny bit. If you’re too open you’ll get headaches & dizziness etc!!

        Yep, the grounding should help a lot too!

        It’s so interesting isn’t it?! I’ve only been doing spiritual development for just over a year- it’s my new passion!!


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