Frank Bruno & Bipolar Disorder: TV Documentary Tonight.


UK viewers: just wanted to give you a heads-up:

BBC3 tonight 9-10pm

Rachel Bruno: My Dad and Me.

The daughter of boxer & TV personality Frank Bruno talks about her Dad’s Bipolar Disorder and discovers more about the disorder.

Hopefully this will be as good as the recent docu-series Don’t Call Me Crazy!


9 thoughts on “Frank Bruno & Bipolar Disorder: TV Documentary Tonight.

  1. bpshielsy

    Hi Rachel, thanks for the heads up. If you missed Diaries of a Broken Mind, you can still watch on bbc iplayer I think. It was on last week as part of the BBC three mental health season

      1. bpshielsy

        No but I ‘taped’ it. I wonder when I’ll stop referring to recording stuff as taping. Damn recording is redundant too 🙂

        Was it good?

      2. rachelmiller1511 Post author

        Lol- I keep saying “we video-ed it”!

        I think it suffered from Frank Bruno not really being that open about his experiences. But it was good in terms of how the disorder affects the family. The football documentary was more worth watching to me.

      3. bpshielsy

        I still haven’t seen it, but from what clips I saw & interviews with Frank, it seems he is still resistant to the diagnosis & like you say his openness about it.

        I need to watch the football one too.

      4. bpshielsy

        From what I can remember of Frank, outside the boxing ring, he was always uncomfortable in front of a TV camera. I hope he can come to terms with things & keep going.

  2. Sue Little

    This was very good really helped me answer some questions I’ve been struggling with ,my hubby suffers and have concerns about my teenage daughter now.

    Does anyone know if. There are any bi.polar support group close to great Yarmouth area?

    1. rachelmiller1511 Post author

      I think there was a phone number at the end of the programme Sue if you still have a recording? If not, try looking up the Manic Depression Fellowship- they hold local groups I think.


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