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You can now order greetings cards, postcards and prints of my artwork on Red Bubble:

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A month or two ago I was riding a hypomanic wave and created a few new pieces of art work which you can see in the gallery below or on Red Bubble. Needless to say I crashed straight after to a mixed episode and have been irritable and agitated and obsessing ever since. But starting to feel a bit calmer and more positive, so hopefully I’m on the up!

Hope you like my art work, I’m chuffed to bits with it, because last year I couldn’t get started on anything due to my perfectionism (which I’m still working on!). I feel I’m starting to take control of life again.

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5 thoughts on “Art Shop

  1. sakuraandme

    Hey Rach!

    Your drawings are just gorgeous. Don’t obsess, they are really good! You did a great job!! 🙂
    My favourite is Twilight Fantasy! ( mystical)

    Good luck with these. Nite from Oz. Paula xxxx


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