The Celestine Prophecy

This spiritual journey doesn’t half present some challenges. One minute I feel I’m doing really well, learning quickly, and then I feel I’ve taken a giant leap backwards. Most of my challenges seem to be relationship-based and I’m starting to realise are about power and control.

Luckily beautiful signposts and resources are sent our way to remind us just why we have turned towards spirituality and where we are heading. Today I watched The Celestine Prophecy- a film adaptation of the book by James Redfield. It charts the journey of a teacher through Peru on a mission to find the 9 Insights- prophecies to guide us towards the next stage in human evolution. It really was a wonderful story, full of truth and I’m feeling much lighter now! Highly recommended!!

The Celestine Prophecy Movie Website

The Celestine Insights



7 thoughts on “The Celestine Prophecy

  1. sakuraandme

    Hey Rachel, how things?
    I read the book many years ago and fell in love with it. When I fall off the track of spirituality…my mum will come along and put me back on the right path. Lol Yay, for my mum! 🙂
    Are you still with your boyfriend? Hugs to you from down under. Paula xx

    1. rachelmiller1511 Post author

      Hi Paula, sorry for the late reply. I’m actually pretty good thanks- maybe in a bit of a hypomanic spurt, but better than the other way LOL! 🙂
      Nice to know you like the Celestine Prophecy too- I thought it was beautiful!
      Yes, I’m happily still with my boyfriend- he puts up with a lot!! 🙂 We have our ups and downs but we’re still here after 11 years together!
      I hope you are well at the moment- I haven’t checked out your blog recently so I’ll be over to do that soon. Take care, Rachel xxx

      1. sakuraandme

        No probs whenever you have time. Hypomania is something I actually like. Lol Just no one else around me. 🙂

        Wow! 11 years is a good innings. And you never married? I’m good but like all of us I have my days when I have to force myself to find the beauty. I’ve been single now for about 10 weeks. Weird at first, and now I feel more at ease. I didn’t realise how unhappily married I was till I left. Hugs to you. Paula xxx

      2. rachelmiller1511 Post author

        10 weeks isn’t long- isn’t it strange how sometimes you don’t realise how unhappy you are until you leave a situation? I felt like that in a previous relationship. How are you holding up?

        Yes, 11 years, no marriage!! I think I’m a little superstitious now and think that if we got married now it would put the kiss of death on our relationship LOL! What we have works for us.

        Hugs to you Paula xxx

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