Christmas- Cooling Off!

Xmas RachI LOVE Christmas- the lights, the carols, the Christmas story, the Christmas films, the food, the general merry-ment.

This year I find myself questioning more and more the concept of gift-giving. Am I really giving a gift when what I am really doing is fulfilling somebody else’s expectation that they receive a gift from me- and vice versa I guess?

I love buying presents! I love the aha moment of- “oh this person would love this gift!” Then I feel I’m truly giving from the heart.

Maybe it isn’t the gift-giving itself, but rather the way I shop that makes it feel a bit mechanical- sounds a bit weird! Maybe it would feel more fun going to small businesses and craft stalls to buy presents. Maybe I’m just giving this too much thought LOL!

Anyway I think I’m getting a bit mind-spinny from all the shopping and could do with some general calming-down. So today I’m going to be meditating, playing the piano and drawing, amidst a bit of present-wrapping. Need some mind-cooling, right-brained, creative activity. If you haven’t read this fab article about the over-heated mind, I think it fits in very nicely with hypomania & obsessive, racey-thoughts in general:

“Your Brain Is Like A Nuclear Reactor. Avoid Meltdowns, Keep It Cool.”  By Word From The Well.

I’m thinking peaceful thoughts from now on and remembering to keep grounded.

Bach Flower Remedies which really help to keep the hypomanic-type mind balanced and calm:

Vervain; White Chestnut; Chestnut Bud; Cherry Plum; Impatiens.

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5 thoughts on “Christmas- Cooling Off!

  1. Gypsymichele

    This is also my favorite time of the year, and that’s exactly how I feel about the whole present thing too! I want to give because I know this person is really going to love that or this, not because I have to give! I hope you have a Very Merry Christmas!!! Gypsymichele

  2. rachelmiller1511 Post author

    I think I’m going to have to do something completely different on Christmas Day next year, just so it means more! Or maybe it doesn’t have to mean so much and I’m being a perfectionist LOL! You have a lovely Christmas too Gypsymichele xxx

  3. Clare Flourish

    Mmm. Perfectionism. A wonderful emotional connection, giving something you and the receiver both love, which brings you closer together, which had a golden A-Ha of happiness when you saw it and when she saw it for the first time-

    Mmm. That would be nice. Let me know if you ever get that.


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