A Racing Mind

ID-10097641Today my thoughts are galloping through my head at top speed, possibly due to a reduction in the medication I’m on. The doctor has reduced my Venlafaxine prescription from 300mg per day to 225mg per day, which I’m very happy about!

The withdrawal effects are pretty hefty though- I feel like I’m on Speed (or what I imagine being on Speed to feel like!), my brain is racing, I have so many ideas I can barely keep track of them, and I feel restless and agitated. There are a few digestive issues added on for good measure too! (I also forgot to take my morning dose yesterday and ended up passed out on the bed for a few hours!!)

This all feels like very familiar hypomanic ground and so I’m reminded of the need to respond appropriately in a self-caring manner, in order to prevent impulsive actions and decisions which in the past have gotten me in trouble!

My intuition is screaming “No more caffeine!!!” and am I taking a blind bit of notice?! No-ooooo! I will try harder today!  Lots of water, much less Diet Coke! Meditation will definitely be on the schedule, as well as listening to calming music and taking Bach Flower Remedies Impatiens, Vervain and White Chestnut. Clematis, Chestnut Bud and Scleranthus might be useful too. Turn off Facebook too!

I also thought it would be helpful to revisit some old posts to help me regain my balance:

Relax with Gentle Meditation Music (guaranteed to calm me in seconds!)

Calming Tips (related to Christmas, but still relevant)

Previous posts on Hypomania.


 Useful Resources

Your Brain is Like a Nuclear Reactor: Avoid Meltdowns. Keep It Cool.

2 thoughts on “A Racing Mind

  1. prideinmadness

    That sounds similar to how I felt when I started venlafaxine. And I can tell you that the feeling is almost identical to being on stimulant recreational drugs. Are able to eat and sleep? I struggled with that.

  2. Audrey Geddes

    I’m on the road to quitting caffeine myself :-). Thanks for sharing your thoughts and meditation music link. I’m new to that method, but have found a great book about it from Lynne Goldberg called, Get Balanced, Get Blissed: Nourishment for Body, Mind, and Soul. The author has really helped me make more conscious choices from a place of self-awareness, and I have learned a lot more about the benefits of meditation. You can find her website here: http://liveblissnow.com/


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