Overcoming Boredom

ID-100137I don’t know why I’ve called this post ‘Overcoming Boredom’, because I haven’t overcome it yet!! Maybe it’s me being hopeful that the answers will magically present themselves as I write.

I’m not working at the moment due to depression. The thing is, I actually have plenty of stuff I could do right now, I’m just bogged down in that depressive lack of motivation phase and don’t feel my normal joyful enthusiasm for life.

I’ve taken the Bach Flower Remedies Wild Rose, Gentian and Hornbeam in an attempt to make some effort towards helping myself.

I guess I’ve motivated myself enough to even write a little blog post, so that’s something positive!

How do you fire yourself up again, when you feel so little interest in anything?

I feel like it’s my fault that I’m bored and that I’m stupid to let myself get to this point. Then I look at what I’ve just written and think how harsh I’m being on myself. There’s some wonky thinking in there!

Okay, how do I get over this one?

My spiritual development teacher would say to be gentle with myself, accept the feelings that are coming up, notice the thoughts without judging them.

Feeling lack of motivation and interest is a symptom of depression and has naturally occurred as part of my experience.

Boredom seems to present this empty pit of nothingness and numbness inside me.

I want nothing more than to fight it off and get it away from me, but I know that’s not going to work. I know I have to sit with the feelings and be kind to myself. These feelings may be exceedingly uncomfortable to me, but it is safe to feel them.

Deep down do I believe that if I am bored, then I am boring?

Do I believe that I have failed in some terrible way by allowing myself to be bored when there are so many things to do, so many people to help in the world? That my life is worthless?

Maybe this is where the boredom has come from- believing that I am worthless therefore I can make no meaningful contribution to the world, so why bother?

I could probably go round and round in circles pulling this apart psychologically, but I don’t think it will help! So I think I’ll aim for distraction for a while.

7 thoughts on “Overcoming Boredom

  1. Littlesundog

    Rachel, I have difficulty with boredom too, but it’s difficult to explain. In part, I can be very productive with “busy” work that really doesn’t do anything but feed my need to be physical. I feel “tired” in spirit and creativity, which sometimes makes me feel bored. I go round and round with these thoughts wondering what I can do to be more positive and pull myself out of this miserable spot. I think sometimes just being cognizant of it and thinking along positive lines is the start to creating something better!

    1. rachelmiller1511 Post author

      Thank you! I hope my awareness of it and some positive thinking will set me straight!! It’s interesting that you mention being bored even though you are busy-I can totally understand this! The way you describe it as being tired in spirit and creativity makes so much sense.

  2. sakuraandme

    Hey Rachel! Long time no see or read! Lol I’ve kind of blogged one day, and then not till a month or so later. It’s been a strange year. 🙂
    I too get the whole boredom thing, even when I’m absolutely run off my feet. Kind of that whole Bipolar mind thinking, right? 🙂 I think you’ve done great by forcing yourself to post as It’s not easy, especially in that state of mind. The one good thing about our illness is that it will pass, just remember to try and keep yourself grounded. We are up one day, down the next, bored the next, full of idea and plans the next and so on and so on! Lol People that don’t have the illness don’t really understand how hard some days can be. Much love to you. Paula xxx

    1. rachelmiller1511 Post author

      Hi Paula! Good to hear from you! The way you describe Bipolar is exactly how I experience it too! and it feels great to be understood- so thanks for that! I’ve had a crazy year too so blogging has been sporadic. Lots of changes happening this year! I hope you are well at the moment. Love and hugs, Rachel xxx

      1. sakuraandme

        Thanks Rachel. 🙂 Right now I’m in a good place. However! Hahaha My weight gain this year is driving me crazy!! I’m thinking of changing my medication. Change is good, it keeps us active and distracts us. xxxx

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