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You can now order greetings cards, postcards and prints of my artwork on Red Bubble:

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A month or two ago I was riding a hypomanic wave and created a few new pieces of art work which you can see in the gallery below or on Red Bubble. Needless to say I crashed straight after to a mixed episode and have been irritable and agitated and obsessing ever since. But starting to feel a bit calmer and more positive, so hopefully I’m on the up!

Hope you like my art work, I’m chuffed to bits with it, because last year I couldn’t get started on anything due to my perfectionism (which I’m still working on!). I feel I’m starting to take control of life again.

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Very happy to share a few more bits of work from my Childrens’ Illustration Project.

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A Crafty Step Forward

I’ve made a big step forwards these last two weeks and have been making cards and sketching again. It was difficult. It took effort- particularly the sketching. My confidence has been completely shot over the last 10 years of Bipolar rubbish, but I’m gonna get it back!! I wrote positive comments on my sketches to cheer myself on!!

I am really thankful that I’m now ready to move on and recover the real Rachel. This time last year I wouldn’t have been able to do these projects at all- the negative thinking was a massive block. I know I need to put in work and effort to get where I want to go, but I feel in a much better place to fight for it now!!