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Moody Rachel Returns

I’ve hit a mini brick wall of mood symptoms again: tearfulness, irritability, low motivation, fatigue and general “can’t be bothered-ness”. I’m so tired and keep falling asleep and am getting ratty with my Chris (boyfriend). I hate being like that, I feel really guilty. I think I might be putting too much pressure on myself with regards to this blog and trying to make it brilliant. Right now I can’t do brilliant. Only average. That’ll have to do for now.

I’m feeling undeserving. I think this is just depressive negativity taking over. Undeserving of the good things in my life. I guess I’m starting to feel really guilty about my lack of contribution to the household finances in the last few months, so maybe it’s time to start thinking about earning money again.

But I just can’t think about working in a regular job again. I’ve had 14 years of being in and out of jobs that have just increased my Bipolar symptoms drastically or resulted in severe anxiety and panic attacks. I have never ended a job on a positive note- ever! I’ve always ended jobs due to health issues. I don’t want to just go back to this pattern. I want to earn money doing something I love. I just want to be happy and fulfilled whilst earning money. Is that too much to ask universe??!!!

Onto the more positive:

Going out for Italian tomorrow with Chris, then onto the IMAX cinema for The Dark Knight Rises. Chris has been going on about this film for the last year!!! Yes, a year!!! We’re both film geeks, but Chris just take sit to a whole other level when it comes to films that he loves. He booked the tickets 6 weeks ago. Chris at his geekiest.

It will be really great to go out on a date again. It’s been a long time and I’m gonna get dressed up and everything! (This doesn’t happen very often folks!) Chris has been on a bit of a downer recently (might be affecting my mood or vice verser) so I think we both need a bit of fun.

I really want to go on holiday to Center Parcs again. Center Parcs is my haven and I’ve been dreaming about lazing around the gorgeous spa, and stupidly-early morning walks around the forest to find deer. I honestly never feel so well as when I am at Center Parcs, it’s like the best medicine ever, but funner (yes, it’s a word in my Rachel dictionary)! It’s basically a whole holiday centre built into a massive forest. The accommodation is dotted around the forest in the most peaceful settings you can imagine. You wake up in the morning to find ducks, rabbits and squirrels on your patio. It’s like real-life Disney World!

Cars are not allowed on site except for loading/unloading which really helps create the magic. They have an amazing swimming pool with slides, rapids and wave machine which makes me feel like a kid again- not that difficult really!

There is just so much to do there, you could never be bored. I think I’ve done most of their activities now: horse-riding, archery, falconry, biking, nature walks, abseiling, shooting, canoeing, badminton, tennis, pool, snooker etc, etc. The spa is amazing too.

OK, well thinking about a holiday is making me feel a bit better so maybe I’ll go and do some more research.

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My Heaven- Center Parcs



Everyone should have a place where they feel completely at peace with themselves and the universe. My place is Center Parcs at Elvedon Forest in the UK. I honestly believe it has magic powers because whenever I come back from there I feel healed and rejuvenated and soooooo relaxed it’s untrue.

The premise is you spend a few days either in a small hotel or villa deep within the forest, where you can participate in various activities, use the amazing swimming pool, spa, etc. For me I just love sitting outside the bars with a Diet Coke, writing in my journal or reading, or by the lake feeding the ducks (a very underrated pastime)!

But the most magical part of it for me is getting up in the morning at 6am and walking through the forest, surrounded by squirrels, rabbits, deer and birds- not a person or car insight. I’ll visit their bird hide where you can see over a large natural crater which protrudes from the trees into a clearing. Here you can see loads and loads of birds as they fly around the bird feeders, some inches away from your face on the nearest tree branches. There I am alone, with only the birds for company and for an hour I’m in absolute heaven.

Better than a whole day in a spa!

Center Parcs 2011


Song of the Day: It’s a Beautiful Day- U2


Beautiful weather at Center Parcs, people sitting outside even though it’s still March- coats off and everything!

Had a brilliant morning birdwatching:

Green Woodpeckers (2 together)
Great Spotted Woodpeckers
Coal Tit
Marsh Tit
Loads of Nuthatches
Grey Heron

And my first ever Crossbill! Well three of them actually- 2 beautiful red males and a green female.

This afternoon I have booked a Scalp Massage and Express facial which comes with an Elemis beauty gift set (including Pro-collagen Marine Cream-Score!) !!

Great day with Chris yesterday: watched him play in a pool tournament which was actually pretty entertaining and had a good swim, then BOGOF at Sports Cafe on burgers.