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Absorbing Others’ Energy

Do you ever feel extremely sensitive to the energy of everybody around you?

The likelihood is that you’re a Highly Sensitive Person or even an Intuitive Empath (extremely sensitive).

This superb video offers great advice as to how to keep other people’s energy separate to your own.

I highly recommend that you take the time out to listen! I found it really helpful!

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Bipolar Disorder as Spiritual Awakening

ID-10021637This post is based on my opinion as well as extensive research and experience throughout the last few years.

My Spiritual Experiences During Hypomania

During episodes of hypomania I have frequently felt more at one with nature and in harmony with life in general, as well as with spirit. These experiences have had a euphoric quality to them where I have felt “high”, believing that I have energetic powers including healing.

I always assumed this was part of mania and that I was having grandiose delusions. I would have so much energy that I would feel I was bursting out of my skin.

But what if I wasn’t delusional- what if there was some truth to these intense intuitive experiences? It may sound grandiose now- but what if we all have these dormant psychic skills ready to reawaken?

The symptoms of Bipolar Disorder (as well as depression and anxiety in general) are extremely similar to those that occur as we awaken spiritually.

ID-100136585Spiritual Awakening and Ascension

Spiritual awakening is the process by which our spirits are reunited with our bodies and minds. Our higher self is integrated into our lives as we begin to see how we are all connected as one, and that we have higher purposes in our lives.

This process is occurring increasingly in many people, as earth and all its life forms evolve to a higher dimension, whereby we see each other as brothers and sisters and live from a place of love. Psychic abilities will also develop in many. This is known as Ascension.

As we ascend as individuals, we undergo spiritual awakening, which brings about many symptoms in our mind, body and emotions as we clear out old baggage, and mental and behavioural patterns which no longer serve us.

Many spiritual writers and teachers are sharing information regarding ascension. Diana Cooper is a favourite of mine and explains more about the phenomenon here.

Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

As we awaken, our bodies and minds need to shed old patterns and beliefs which no longer serve a purpose in our lives, and keep us at lower vibrational energy. This leads to many symptoms that include the following:

  • depression & anxiety
  • periods of high energy manifesting in our lives as hyperactivity, racing thoughts, creative bursts (sound familiar?!) etc.
  • new sleep patterns whereby we often wake up between the hours of 2-4pm, fall back to sleep, then possibly wake up again.
  • periods of intense emotion & mood swings- crying at the drop of a hat, switching to laughter.
  • life altering events.
  • growing interest in spirituality.
  • a sense of higher purpose or wishing to know what this is.
  • a feeling of being “different”.

These are just a few of the symptoms. For an extensive list please click here.

As you can see quite a few of the experiences listed overlap with Bipolar Disorder symptoms.

There are a few resources, discussion forums and videos on the internet which discuss this phenomenon. Here is a Google search of Spiritual Awakening and Bipolar Disorder.

ID-10035460What does this mean for us?

The tie-in between Bipolar and Spiritual Awakening may have no meaning for you whatsoever! But for me, and hopefully more and more individuals, it is profoundly meaningful and has changed my life.

I no longer feel a victim of my emotions and, through guidance in spiritual and personal development from a wonderful teacher, I am learning to grow and take charge of my life.

Spiritual & Personal Development

For me, spiritual and personal development have meant taking the reins of my life. Where my emotions have frequently felt like an out-of-control horse running away with me, I am now learning to balance myself and that it is perfectly fine and right to live a life that is different from others. It keeps my emotions in balance. I am so much happier after only a year of this work! I have spent much more time in quiet and solitude, and have learnt to protect and value my innate sensitivity. This development work is something we can all do!

I have also come to learn that many of the emotions I experience are not actually my own, but that I am energetically picking up on the emotions of those around me. It is quite possible you do this too! Development work teaches you to discern which emotions are yours and which are other peoples’, as well as how to clear these emotions from yourself and protecting against further experiences.

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High Sensitivity

 “The truly creative mind in any field is no more than this: A human creature born abnormally, inhumanely sensitive.

“To them… a touch is a blow, a sound is a noise, a misfortune is a tragedy, a joy is an ecstasy, a friend is a lover, a lover is a god, and failure is death.”

Pearl Buck- author of Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Good Earth and recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1938.

Are you an HSP? Take the quiz to find out, or read Bipolar Disorder and Highly Sensitive People– my guest post on Mental Health Talk.

I’ve recently come across some great resources on Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) which might interest the HSPs amongst you:

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Managing High Sensitivity

My absence in posting over the last few months has been due to my increase in focus on spiritual development. The spiritual development classes I have been attending over the last year have really helped me to accept myself more, particularly my intense sensitivity to other’s emotions, the environment, noise, crowds etc. Whereas I used to view myself as anxious in crowds and noise, I now see it as overstimulation of a very sensitive nervous system! I’m also realising that it’s absolutely fine to keep away from these situations.

I have always thought it better to overcome fear of  a noisy, stimulating environment, so as not to become more restricted in the activities I participate in. But I now see that I’m not fearful of them, I just don’t enjoy them.

My whole life I’ve been focusing on learning to fit in in the world and to be like everyone else.

I am so damn exhausted of trying!! It just doesn’t work!

I have battled with this sensitivity for so long- always believing it to be a negative trait, therefore something I should correct.

“You’re being oversensitive. You need to toughen up and develop a thicker skin”. This is the most common feedback I’ve gotten.

Training to Manage Sensitivity: Energetic Work

Through my spiritual development group I’ve learned that sensitivity is a gift. It’s taking a while for this to sink in.

To understand that picking up other’s emotions and thoughts is a positive thing requires a total u-turn in my beliefs.

Untrained this empathic quality just means I’m a sponge for everybody elses’ emotions. If I’m in a room with a group of people, I very soon tune in to the “feeling” of the group and my energies drop or rise accordingly. Working with very negative, low energy people day in day out has, no wonder, been such a struggle for me and crippled me with stress, depression and anxiety. There must be so many more people out there like me, who have absolutely no idea that they are soaking up everybody elses’ fears and sorrows, and are being treated for depression and anxiety.

During spiritual development classes, we learn to distinguish between other people’s energies and our own. We then learn techniques to clear away any energy from other people and clean up our own energy.

Boundaries are also very important. We learn to put up energetic protection around us to prevent us picking up others’ energies in the first place. I’m finding this a bit more of a challenge. I thought I’d be able to imagine a boundary around me- like a protective bubble- and it would just keep the energy out. It requires constant reinforcing though, with time and energy put into creating the boundary around me. When I’ve spent time doing this, I really do feel protected and very comfortable around others. Lots more relaxed too.

The tone of the classes is very much one of love, forgiveness and self acceptance. This has probably been more help to me than any Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and my support system has grown to include our teacher and a few of the other class members. Seeing that others have learnt to deal with their sensitivity and are functioning healthily in society is great motivation and inspiration. I feel accepted and therefore am feeling more acceptance of myself- a total gift!!


Please visit Mental Health Talk for my recent guest post: Bipolar and High Sensitivity.


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Bipolar & Sensitivity Guest Blog on Mental Health Talk

Please view my guest post: Bipolar Disorder and Highly Sensitive People on Mental Health Talk.

Mental Health Talk is a fabulous website providing a platform for individuals to share their experiences of mental health issues, please check it out!!

An Exciting Few Days

A Baby!

Not mine 🙂

I’ve had an absolutely brilliant weekend! The most exciting event being that my little sis has just had a baby!! I’m an aunt for the very first time and I can’t tell you how happy that makes me! Charlotte was born on Sunday night at 11.37pm. Interestingly, if she’d been born 23 minutes later, she’d have been a Leo. As it stands she’s a Cancer. Obviously couldn’t decide which one she’d prefer! My sister’s still in hospital at the moment, but all is OK, just a few feeding issues. Can’t wait to meet Charlotte!


Cinema & Dinner

Chris (boyfriend) and I went out for a lovely Italian meal on Friday. It was great to share some quality time together and enjoy some gorgeous food. I went all out and had garlic bread, spaghetti carbonara and a dessert too!! I never ever eat three courses so it was a real treat.

The Dark Knight Rises was astounding. I had only read poor reviews of it beforehand so wasn’t expecting much, but I loved it! It was huge in scale and a great conclusion to the brilliant Christopher Nolan trilogy.


Seeing as the weather has picked up so dramatically over here in Norfolk we grabbed the chance of a beach trip after Chris finished work yesterday. Splashing in the sea always cheers me up and we had a fun time chucking the ball around for Cassie (our dog). Finished off with fish and chips.

Moody Me

My mood has still been erratic: hyper about the baby one minute, irritable and snappy the next.

My anger nearly ran away with me yesterday and Chris got the worst of it. Honestly the guy deserves a knighthood for putting up with me sometimes! (I’m lovely most of the time though :)).

Ate humble pie afterwards and apologised, so we’re fine now. I was just getting really oversensitive to little remarks and him picking at me. Sometimes he does blame everything on me! He’s just a bit stressed so I know it’s not personal, but I’d had a bit of enough yesterday so went off on one!

Sometimes it’s so hard not to take things personally when you’re irritable. I do have a bit of an artistic temperament! Think this is naturally me sometimes rather than all bipolar. It’s very easy to attribute everything to bipolar!

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Solar Flare & Bipolar Warning

This weekend a solar flare is being emitted by the sun. There may be effects felt by some of us Bipolar or Highly Sensitive peeps, or those with anxiety & depression. These articles are really interesting and worth a read:

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How Recent Solar Flares Are Affecting Humans: Carlini Institute

Solar Flares and the Emotions: Catalyst Yogi

Emotional Health and Solar Flares- The Miracle of Our Feelings: Explore Beyond the Usual

Hopefully we wont feel any effects, or only minimal ones! But just thought it was worth a warning or might help us understand any odd moods this weekend.

You’re So Sensitive

A link to a video just popped up on Twitter from Wayne Dyer (a genius spiritual health writer) entitled “You’re So Sensitive”. Immediately my brain pinged as this is what I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. Bipolar and Borderline Personality often include the characteristic of High Interpersonal Sensitivity. I would like to add Environmental Sensitivity to that also. Elaine Aron also has written a marvellous book entitled The Highly Sensitive Person which highlights the issues of those born with high sensitivity- apparently an ever increasing number.

Coincidentally I already own the book mentioned: The Art of Extreme Self-Care, and to hear Cheryl Richardson talking about sensitivity in such a positive light is so inspiring. The idea that sensitivity is something we need to protect, nurture and cherish is really liberating.

One of the protective measures she suggests is to limit contact with negative, criticising people who drain your energy. It is important for us to be around positive people who we are free to be our authentic self with- we feel safe to do this with them: safe from judgement or disapproval. This is so inline with my post yesterday about the development of an inauthentic self as a result of insecure parenting: Free To Be Average. To free ourselves from inauthenticity we can limit contact with those who see only the inauthentic child they’ve moulded to their preferences. In this way we are creating boundaries. These boundaries create our own private “space”, where we are free to be ourselves.

Other suggestions Cheryl mentions to protect our sensitivity are as follows:

– Turn down the noise! On TVs, iPods, stereos, phone ringtones etc.

– Keep technology at a distance. I have a technology free room at home all to myself as my     boyfriend is a web developer and gadget freak! He is also very partial to his cinema surround-sound system which tends to blast the roof off most days.

– Turn off the violence- don’t watch the news, or violent films/TV. Don’t read newspapers. Mostly easy, but I don’t think I could live without Game of Thrones at the moment though!

So what’s the point in protecting our sensitivity?

Well, as well as being much more relaxed in body and mind and free to be ourselves, our empathic, creative natures will be thriving. People like us ARE needed in the world, just not valued as highly! We need to change that! Where would we be without beautiful art, music, great thinkers, philosophers, film directors, actors, actresses, singers, composers, teachers, counsellors, psychotherapists (indeed!), inspirational speakers and extremely caring friends? The world would be a very dull place indeed!


The Art of Extreme Self-Care – Cheryl Richardson

Be Gentle With Yourself by Word from the Well.

The Highly Sensitive Person- Elaine Aron

Wayne W Dyer– wonderful books for spiritual development and helping understand our purpose in life.

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Bipolar Disorder- Towards Healing: Self-Forgiveness

My blog post yesterday was full of resistance to my emotional sensitivity and the pain it has brought me. I was feeling very bitter and resentful towards the people who have abused my softer nature, most recently in the form of bullying at work. I want to try and heal these angry, hateful thoughts.

I think the number one job involves forgiving myself, as outer reality is often said to be a reflection of your inner life. And I know I bully myself.

I forgive myself for trying to make myself fit into society- by pushing and pulling my soul around and denying my true self it’s needs in order to avoid the disapproval of others, criticism and bullying. I have abused my soul by ignoring it’s cries for creativity and expression, for feeling shame for liking the things I do and having a spiritual life. I have felt the need to hide this part of me. I am scared of being different. I was teased no end at school because I went to church every Sunday, one of about three in our class of thirty to do so. We were called bible-bashers, people didn’t want to hang around us. As a child I blindly allowed everyone to see me as I was- I loved listening to classical music from the age of 11, going to the ballet and going birdwatching. I naively shared my passions out in the open, unaware I would be an ideal bullying target. So naturally I shrunk back from my peers and started to feel ashamed of the things I loved- I felt hopelessly inadequate.

I forgive myself for hiding my authentic self, it was a perfectly natural defensive response. I no longer need to hide.

I forgive myself for allowing the opinions of others to be more important to me than being true to myself.

I forgive myself for rejecting my sensitive nature.

I will work towards forgiving the bullying, but I forgive myself for my current anger: I am only human.

I now allow my true, authentic self the freedom to flow and flourish.

I celebrate my authentic self by indulging in my passions. This is not selfish, it is an act of kindness towards myself.

I nurture the gifts my sensitivity brings me.

There are many other areas in which I would like to forgive myself, but I think working on one issue at a time is probably the way forward.

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