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Dance, Dance, Dance!!!

ID-10046699Yesterday I went to my usual monthly healing group. It involves a thoroughly relaxing evening of meditation, crystal healing, angel card readings and massage. Our therapist is fantastically psychic and usually tells us which chakras each of us is having an issue with. For the last two weeks I’ve had a very tense jaw and have been getting regular headaches. She told me it’s related to my fifth/throat chakra and that I’m not “speaking my truth”.

I’ve been thinking about that all day today. Does it literally mean I’m not speaking my truth? I think partly, in that I haven’t entirely come out of the spiritual closet yet, even to Chris (boyfriend). I’m worried he’ll think I’m going off the wagon.

But I think it also means that I’m not living my life as ME, my true self. I know I need to eat healthier, exercise more, but also begin working on my passions again.

One of my passions is dancing. Heaven knows I watch a ton on TV, so perhaps it’s time to actually get off the sofa and shimmy away. So I’ve created my own dance workout!!!!

Rachel’s Magical Movie & Musical Workout!!

This involves dancing to all my favourite musical tracks on my favourite movies and dance videos. Today was Hairspray!! I danced to:

Good Morning Baltimore,The Nicest Kids in Town, Ladies’ Choice, Welcome to the Sixties and Run and Tell That- picking up bits of the choreography on the DVD and making up other the rest.

It was more fun than a regular exercise DVD that’s for sure! Tomorrow: Mamma Mia!!

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