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Day at the Beach!

The weather here in the UK has been beautiful the last few days, so Chris and I took the opportunity to take Cassie (our dog) to the beach (North Norfolk coast) which is just a short journey from ours. Sunshine and fresh air are always brilliant for my mood and state of mind! We played loads with the tennis ball, throwing it in the sea so she’ll go after it. But she gets scared when a wave comes in and runs back to us!

Walked up to the town (40min walk) where we queued for at least 15mins for chips, they were lovely though!

By the time we got back to the beach the tide had receded enough for the rock pools to have appeared. Usually find quite a few anemones, tiny shrimps and maybe a crab, but didn’t see anything today.

There are some gorgeous fulmars nesting on the cliffs though.  Image here taken by Freddie H. This is was just how they looked!