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Bipolar Disorder & Depression: Baby Steps Towards a Spiritual Solution

This is one for all the highly sensitive Bipolar and Borderline Personality-types!

In my last post I spoke of my spiritual development teacher who helped me out during an emotional crisis last week. I decided to use some of the exercises she gave me to help with the depression I’ve been feeling. So work today consisted of me trying to find any spare moment when I could close my eyes for two minutes, ground myself, clear any energies out that I’d picked up from around the office and surround myself in a protective bubble.

And what do you know? It bloomin’ well worked! I wouldn’t say my depression lifted, but I think I entered a relaxed, mindful state where I was taking care of me, rather than worrying about everybody else and trying to make them happy. I was aware of my thoughts and feelings as they came up and could then process them in a kinder way.

For example, I’ve realised how much I feel intimidated around a certain person at work. I would go so far as to say they actually frighten me and I feel very insecure in their presence. Usually I will stuff the feeling down and work at my usual top-speed in order to avoid feeling anything.

It didn’t take much for me to realise this fear comes from bullying experiences at school, I felt about 6 years old again. So I did as my spiritual teacher advised me and imagined myself as a 6-year-old sitting on my lap. She was frightened, so I hugged her and told her that nobody would hurt her and that she wasn’t alone. I felt so much more comforted than if I’d just told myself to stop being so stupid, which I probably usually do! I felt more protected.

Every time the person entered the room I made sure my protective bubble was strong, that I was grounded and imagined an angel between the two of us. The effect of this seemed to be that the person felt further away and I didn’t feel her energies so close to me. I didn’t pick up so much of her anger and blaming. She has such a strong negative energy around her that usually I find myself drowning in it, and I become angry and irritated and stressed like her.

As I walked out of work today I felt I was actually with myself. By this I mean that usually my thoughts are in the past, in the future or caught up in someone else’s issues. Today I was just there for me, with me in the present to support myself mentally and on a soul level. And that was quite a freeing experience.

It wasn’t easy to keep visualizing at work. You have to do it quite regularly to really feel the benefits, but it was definitely worth the effort and I would recommend that any highly sensitive-types out there have a go. I’m gonna keep trying with it because I think it will get easier with practice. My spiritual teacher said that eventually I just wont feel bothered by my work colleague’s presence or behaviour. I’m aiming for a feeling of safety, security and indifference to her moods.

Bach Flower Remedies

I said I would keep you updated with how the Bach Flower Remedy treatment has been going.

I really do think that the calmer, more grounded state I have been in today is a result of not just the visualizations, but the remedies too. I’ve been feeling more patient with myself. The changes are subtle ,but I do feel different compared with 5 days ago: more loving and kind towards myself. I feel much more at peace.

My faith in conventional treatment for mental health issues has been waning and my experiences today give me so much more hope that there is a spiritual solution to mood swings, depression and despair. I am taking baby steps towards the spiritual solution.

Bach Flower Remedies work on an energetic level and seek to transform various different emotional states.

The remedies to try for depression are:

Mustard: to transform deep gloom and depression to peace and joy.

Gorse: to transform hopelessness and despair into faith and hope.

and I’ve added Crab Apple as a remedy against Self-Hatred.

There are many other remedies for anxiety. The most famous is the Rescue Remedy which is a mix of 5 remedies to help in times of crisis. They’re about £6-7 each in the UK and available at chemists and health food stores. Or you can find a Bach Flower Remedy consultant who will listen to the issues you are currently going through and then mix you a custom bottle of 6-7 remedies.