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Bach Flower Remedies for Depression: Mustard & Gentian

Mustard and Gentian are Bach Flower Remedies which can be helpful in healing from depression.

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Bach Flower Remedies- Walnut


Bach Flower Remedies: Walnut

The Bach Flower Remedy Walnut can help you detach from unwanted influences during times of instability- normally brought on by change. Watch the video to find out more!

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Down in the Dumps: Recognizing Unhelpful Thought Patterns

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Overcoming Boredom

ID-100137I don’t know why I’ve called this post ‘Overcoming Boredom’, because I haven’t overcome it yet!! Maybe it’s me being hopeful that the answers will magically present themselves as I write.

I’m not working at the moment due to depression. The thing is, I actually have plenty of stuff I could do right now, I’m just bogged down in that depressive lack of motivation phase and don’t feel my normal joyful enthusiasm for life.

I’ve taken the Bach Flower Remedies Wild Rose, Gentian and Hornbeam in an attempt to make some effort towards helping myself.

I guess I’ve motivated myself enough to even write a little blog post, so that’s something positive!

How do you fire yourself up again, when you feel so little interest in anything?

I feel like it’s my fault that I’m bored and that I’m stupid to let myself get to this point. Then I look at what I’ve just written and think how harsh I’m being on myself. There’s some wonky thinking in there!

Okay, how do I get over this one?

My spiritual development teacher would say to be gentle with myself, accept the feelings that are coming up, notice the thoughts without judging them.

Feeling lack of motivation and interest is a symptom of depression and has naturally occurred as part of my experience.

Boredom seems to present this empty pit of nothingness and numbness inside me.

I want nothing more than to fight it off and get it away from me, but I know that’s not going to work. I know I have to sit with the feelings and be kind to myself. These feelings may be exceedingly uncomfortable to me, but it is safe to feel them.

Deep down do I believe that if I am bored, then I am boring?

Do I believe that I have failed in some terrible way by allowing myself to be bored when there are so many things to do, so many people to help in the world? That my life is worthless?

Maybe this is where the boredom has come from- believing that I am worthless therefore I can make no meaningful contribution to the world, so why bother?

I could probably go round and round in circles pulling this apart psychologically, but I don’t think it will help! So I think I’ll aim for distraction for a while.

Christmas- Cooling Off!

Xmas RachI LOVE Christmas- the lights, the carols, the Christmas story, the Christmas films, the food, the general merry-ment.

This year I find myself questioning more and more the concept of gift-giving. Am I really giving a gift when what I am really doing is fulfilling somebody else’s expectation that they receive a gift from me- and vice versa I guess?

I love buying presents! I love the aha moment of- “oh this person would love this gift!” Then I feel I’m truly giving from the heart.

Maybe it isn’t the gift-giving itself, but rather the way I shop that makes it feel a bit mechanical- sounds a bit weird! Maybe it would feel more fun going to small businesses and craft stalls to buy presents. Maybe I’m just giving this too much thought LOL!

Anyway I think I’m getting a bit mind-spinny from all the shopping and could do with some general calming-down. So today I’m going to be meditating, playing the piano and drawing, amidst a bit of present-wrapping. Need some mind-cooling, right-brained, creative activity. If you haven’t read this fab article about the over-heated mind, I think it fits in very nicely with hypomania & obsessive, racey-thoughts in general:

“Your Brain Is Like A Nuclear Reactor. Avoid Meltdowns, Keep It Cool.”  By Word From The Well.

I’m thinking peaceful thoughts from now on and remembering to keep grounded.

Bach Flower Remedies which really help to keep the hypomanic-type mind balanced and calm:

Vervain; White Chestnut; Chestnut Bud; Cherry Plum; Impatiens.

ID-1004259 (1)

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Depression & Grounding

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASometimes when we are very depressed, our souls feel like they do not want to be here on earth any longer: it is too painful.

This can literally lead to the soul rising upwards so that it is partially out of our bodies. This will make us feel light-headed, dizzy and almost not-there, like we are in a dreamworld. We are ungounded. It is my opinion that dissociation stems from this state.

A Choice

Our souls incarnated here on earth out of choice. We chose to be here. It may seem like a hefty deal when we are very depressed and we may think “why would I choose to be in so much pain?”

We chose to be here now to release karma and to learn. Our souls have a higher plan, nothing like that of our personalities on earth. Our souls long for a reunion with the unconditional love they were birthed from. No wonder we feel so depressed when we deal with much of the pain that is broadcast on the news, or with the negativity that may surround us.

To find inner peace we can learn to surrender our egos to unconditional love from Spirit. Simple, not easy. It takes time and work on self-and spiritual-development


It is important for our souls to be 100% in our bodies so that we remain grounded.

When we are ungrounded we may experience all sorts of unpleasant symptoms including mood swings, energetic swings included extreme tiredness, binge eating (we literally need the heaviness to feel grounded), we hold on to negative emotions (yours or other people’s), distractability and tension. These are just a few.

So you can see how important it is for our soul to remain fully grounded in our bodies.

Grounding Activities

It is essential for our own health and balance that we remain grounded. To do this imagine roots leaving the soles of your feet and burrowing their way to the centre of the earth. Make the roots thick and strong. You should begin to feel heavier as if gravity is pulling you downwards more strongly. Really relax into the feeling.

Other methods of grounding include doing grounded activities: housework, gardening, walks in nature, physical exercise (yoga is excellent), dancing, etc.

ForestGrounding Aids

Grounding aids include crystals such as Hematite, Black Tourmaline and Smokey Quartz, which you can keep in your pocket, or hold whilst meditating. Personally I find hematite is pure magic and I feel pulled to the ground like a magnet.

Bach Flower Remedies are great too- Clematis is a key remedy for grounding and can be found in Bach Rescue Remedy, an excellent addition to your grounding tool kit.

For Bach Flower Remedy recommendations for depression, anxiety & hypomania, please click here.

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Angel Reading Testimonials

I have just added a page of Angel Reading Testimonials. Thank you to all the wonderful people I have worked with, so far, for such great feedback.

If you would like to book an Angel Reading or would just like to know more about them, please visit the Angel Readings page.

Bach Flower Remedy recommendations are included with the reading. Combined with the reading, the personalized guidance and healing tools are provided for you to ease symptoms of depression, anxiety and many other disorders, helping you to move towards self-acceptance and self-love.

Bach Flower Remedies for PMS.








After a lovely bout of PMS last week I thought it might be handy to share the Bach Flower Remedies I find most helpful to ease the symptoms.

For Irritability:

Impatiens: for impatience with others.

Beech: for when you feel you want to verbally lash out at someone.

Holly: calms anger/aggression.

For Low Mood:

Mustard: relieves depression.

For Tiredness:

Olive: revitalises when you are shattered.

For Anxiety:

Cherry Plum: for when you feel out of control or worry that you will lose control.


Bach Rescue Remedy is an alternative option- it will aid in balancing the emotions.


To learn more about Bach Flower Remedies and where to buy them please click here.




My Bipolar Life Revamped!!

Just a quick update.Flower

I’ve decided to change the name of the site from My Bipolar Life to Working Through Bipolar Disorder. The theme has also been changed.

Over the last year my posts have become less about myself alone and more about how anyone with Bipolar Disorder (or other mental health issues) can work through the issues presented. I like to take my own experience and expand on that to, hopefully, present others with information that may help them. That’s my aim anyway!!

My beliefs have also changed from believing myself to be a victim of circumstance, to a more spiritual realisation. I believe we choose our life plan before we are incarnated on earth as physical beings, that we have consciously chosen to overcome these issues for our own soul growth and to balance out karma from previous lifetimes. Therefore I believe we need to work through the issues associated with our behavioural and cognitive patterns.

The website will still be about bipolar disorder and ways in managing and overcoming symptoms, but much more from a spiritual and personal development perspective.

For more info please see: Bipolar Disorder: A Spiritual Perspective

I am also available to help those who wish for extra support on their bipolar journey (or with depression, anxiety, personality disorders, eating disorders, etc) with intuitive guidance, angel card readings and Bach Flower Remedy recommendations.

Just want to say thanks too, to those of you who keep returning to the site. Thank you so much, I appreciate it!

Self-Forgiveness: A Work in Progress


This time last year I was despairing of ever being able to forgive myself for what I saw as a life tangled in a massive web of “mistakes”, “bad” decisions and “appalling” behaviour: all linked to Bipolar.

I felt trapped beneath a gigantic pile of rocks, each one representing some “awful” fault or personality deficit.

I was desperate to find forgivenesss for myself as well as some semblance of self-care and self-love.

I always thought that self-forgiveness would come in an instant- like lightening: an epiphany.

Now I realise it takes time and patience, as well as the consistent intention to heal, love and accept myself for who I am.

For the last 8 months I’ve been reflecting, meditating and journalling my way through my feelings and at last I am beginning to feel forgiveness for myself and such wonderful love.

Spiritual Development and Bringing in The Light.ID-10065098

Spiritual Development classes have been a life-saver. I’ve learnt that every single one of us is loved unconditionally by Spirit- and I have felt this love when “bringing in the light” during meditation.

This beautiful heart-warming feeling spreads through and around you. It is wonderfully healing.

You can feel this for yourself too:

– Just be still, breathe deeply. Feel your feet heavy on the ground.

– Feel your heart opening- like a beautiful pink rose bud coming into flower.

– Feel the divine, loving light building here. To me it feels unconditionally loving, warm and very safe.

– Allow the love and light to wash through your entire body, out into the space around you.

– Feel your feet on the floor again and the light spreading below them, into the ground.

Magic & Miracles.ID-10023748

Performing this exercise everyday has worked wonders for me. It’s amazing what inner wisdom you can tap into through this exercise too. Once your heart is open, you can receive divinely guided ideas which just pop into your head out of nowhere- it may just feel like normal thoughts or imagination, but it usually has a warm, loving feeling about it, or generates excitement and inspiration. If you listen to the guidance and follow it through, magic and miracles can occur!

Reframing Beliefs

Reframing my beliefs about past events has also helped enormously.

I’ve realised that eruptions of Bipolar symptoms are usually Spirit trying to tell me that something needs to change in my life or that I’m not listening, being still and following my inner guidance. Emotions are one of the ways we receive divine guidance. We are not here to suffer in this world. Spirit wants us to be happy, joyous and full of love for life. This is our natural state of being- our birthright.

By using Bipolar symptoms as a guide we can honestly follow our true path in life, which is the path to joy, fulfilment and abundance.


For example:

One of my most traumatic Bipolar experiences was a few years ago. Basically I lashed out at a stranger after they insulted me. She called the police.

I was in a state of shock for months afterwards. I found it practically impossible to forgive myself for. I was forever talking to myself as if I were absolute scum. I thought I deserved to suffer. I gave up on myself and I genuinely believe my soul was as far out of my body as it could get! It didn’t want to be here anymore.

But over the last 8 months I’ve begun to see this event as a pivotal turning point in my life. I realised I was becoming a person I did not like- or even recognise. I wasn’t ME- I wasn’t expressing and living as my true self.



It is much easier to begin the process of self-forgiveness once you can understand why events like this happened.

I attracted people into my life who abused me- because I was abusing myself! I was subconsciously sending out the message “use and abuse me- I deserve it”!

My thoughts about myself are changing all the time. I still have negative thoughts about myself, but I think I’m quicker to notice and change them. The positive thoughts are becoming the majority!

It really does take conscious, consistent effort, but it is not difficult. Just start with the intention to forgive and love yourself.


In order to develop self-love and self-forgiveness, I would recommend the following:

– Spiritual/Personal Development classes. (You do not have to be religious for this, or even necessarily believe in God).

– Meditation- bringing in the Divine Light of unconditional love.

– Thought awareness. Consciously choosing loving, positive thoughts about yourself.

– Look closely at events you find difficult to forgive yourself for: what was the message behind the event? What have you learnt from it?

Kindness, kindness and more kindness towards yourself!

– Remember that YOU are your number one priority in life- nobody else!


Bach Flower Remedies that may aid Self-Forgiveness

Pine: easing feelings of guilt. Helps to see and accept past mistakes and let them go.

Willow: easing resentments. Helps to deliberately focus on the positive rather than the negative.

Chestnut Bud: helps to learn from past mistakes.

Rock Water: help to release unrealistically high expectations of self. Helps to find joy and inner peace.

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