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Bluebells and Mud

Every morning I walk my dog, Cassie around the farmland and woods adjoining our village. This morning was beautifully sunny and coloured with blue sky and fresh, spring-green leaves. The track we walked down in the woods was still muddy from all the rain we’ve had in the last few weeks. The soil around here is clay-based, so couple that with mud and you have a very slippery, thick, sludgy path. The only reason I persevered through the mud (in my rather unsuitable battered trainers) was because I knew that at the end of the path was a huge carpet of bluebells. Every year I still get a little excited when I see the first one. The muddy path was tantalizingly parallelled with sparse scatterings of bluebells amongst the grass- a taste of the woodland glory to come.

After trudging through the thick mud I came to the path leading to the clearing where the bluebells grow (only to find a big sign marked private. Grr! Needless to say I ignored the sign, nobody was gonna keep me from a beautiful carpet of bluebells!). The scene emerging was  straight out of a fairytale.With the sun beaming through the treetops, the stunning sea of mauve-blue flowers was so uplifting and sparkled with a kind of ancient earthly magic. It was so inspiring.

As we turned for home I started thinking how life can be a bit like that muddy path- it can be sticky and sludgy and not very pleasant. Sometimes you think you will never find an easier path to tread.  But the hope of something better, more magical, more fulfilling, keeps us going. There are a few bluebells scattered here and there along the way- good times, good people. But it is that sea of beautiful blue that we always yearn for.

For me that sea of bluebells is sparkling with career and life-purpose fulfillment; self-love, acceptance and forgiveness.

Photo Credit: Rob Wiltshire