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Body Image & Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls’

I have had pretty poor body image from the age of about 10. I was a little overweight as a child, butgirls-detail nothing major- it was enough to get teased though.

I know I’m not alone here!

If, like me, you are easily disillusioned by seeing images of beautiful, skinny, perfectly moulded women’s bodies all over the media, try watching HBO’s ‘Girls’ on Sky.

Written by and starring the fabulous Lena Dunham it tells the fortunes of four girls as they contend with the challenges of living and working in New York, and of their respective relationships.

There is a lot of nudity in this show. But for someone like me it is so refreshing to see a girl with a ‘normal’ body who is not afraid to flaunt it in front of the cameras. Lena Dunham is one ballsy girl and I love her for it. Anyone who can help me accept my body just a teeny bit is fabulous in my book!!girls-hbo-fashion

Lena Dunham’s character ‘Hannah’ frequently flaunts the most unflattering fashions and her lovely, ‘normal’, naked body with seemingly not a care in the world. How amazing!! It is actually possible to have an average body and be comfortable and relaxed in it! What a great role model she is to me.

After watching ‘Girls’, I practically sigh with relief- “thank goodness I’m normal after all”!

Thank you Lena Dunham- you are my heroine!!

On a side note- in the last episode (aired on Monday 4th March) Hannah had to deal with the return of her OCD symptoms. Always great to see mental health issues handled well in TV dramas.

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