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Grounding for Emotional Wellbeing

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Depression & Grounding

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASometimes when we are very depressed, our souls feel like they do not want to be here on earth any longer: it is too painful.

This can literally lead to the soul rising upwards so that it is partially out of our bodies. This will make us feel light-headed, dizzy and almost not-there, like we are in a dreamworld. We are ungounded. It is my opinion that dissociation stems from this state.

A Choice

Our souls incarnated here on earth out of choice. We chose to be here. It may seem like a hefty deal when we are very depressed and we may think “why would I choose to be in so much pain?”

We chose to be here now to release karma and to learn. Our souls have a higher plan, nothing like that of our personalities on earth. Our souls long for a reunion with the unconditional love they were birthed from. No wonder we feel so depressed when we deal with much of the pain that is broadcast on the news, or with the negativity that may surround us.

To find inner peace we can learn to surrender our egos to unconditional love from Spirit. Simple, not easy. It takes time and work on self-and spiritual-development


It is important for our souls to be 100% in our bodies so that we remain grounded.

When we are ungrounded we may experience all sorts of unpleasant symptoms including mood swings, energetic swings included extreme tiredness, binge eating (we literally need the heaviness to feel grounded), we hold on to negative emotions (yours or other people’s), distractability and tension. These are just a few.

So you can see how important it is for our soul to remain fully grounded in our bodies.

Grounding Activities

It is essential for our own health and balance that we remain grounded. To do this imagine roots leaving the soles of your feet and burrowing their way to the centre of the earth. Make the roots thick and strong. You should begin to feel heavier as if gravity is pulling you downwards more strongly. Really relax into the feeling.

Other methods of grounding include doing grounded activities: housework, gardening, walks in nature, physical exercise (yoga is excellent), dancing, etc.

ForestGrounding Aids

Grounding aids include crystals such as Hematite, Black Tourmaline and Smokey Quartz, which you can keep in your pocket, or hold whilst meditating. Personally I find hematite is pure magic and I feel pulled to the ground like a magnet.

Bach Flower Remedies are great too- Clematis is a key remedy for grounding and can be found in Bach Rescue Remedy, an excellent addition to your grounding tool kit.

For Bach Flower Remedy recommendations for depression, anxiety & hypomania, please click here.

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Hypomania & Grounding

I had this whole post set up in my head for today about Leonardo da Vinci (oooooo look at me getting all academic). That plan has had a temporary spanner put in the works by a sudden hypomanic spurt brought on yesterday evening by a social event.

I’ve been in a fairly anxious state for a week or two now with a bit of unsteadiness on my feet, which could be prodromal hypomania symptoms for me.

During the social event yesterday I found myself becoming more and more excitable, confident, grandiose and quick to spout out jokes. Afterwards I actually slept fine. But this morning my thoughts have been racing a-mile-a-minute round and round, making me giddy! I’ve been having all these ideas for posts that I can’t keep up with. I’ve felt an intense pressure to do things as quickly as possible in the most effective way- it almost becomes like a game where I challenge myself to do a certain task in a certain amount of time. I also felt a strong pressure coming from my solar plexus- almost to the point of a stomach ache.

I tried a few different methods to try to calm myself down as I couldn’t concentrate sufficiently to write my intended post. But nothing seemed to be working. So I rang my spiritual development teacher Dawn (she’s the one who prescribes me Bach Flower Remedies and is a total life saver!). She immediately recognised I wasn’t grounded. Grounding is a term used to describe the practice of directing the energy coursing in and around our bodies down to our feet and through the ground, often in the manner of roots growing out of our feet into the earth. Once grounded your body feels weighted to the ground and brings a feeling of security and steadiness.

I told her I’d repeatedly tried these grounding visualizations, but today they didn’t seem to be having an effect. She suggested trying out different methods to ground myself- and that sometimes we have to use a bit of trial and error to work out what is most effective for us.

So far I have been hoovering, listening to music, using grounding aromatherapy oils like patchouli, sitting crossed-legged on the floor and drawing. I’ve also taken Bach Flower Remedies Vervain and White Chestnut, as well as Rescue Remedy. It only took about 15-20 minutes for me to feel calmer and more rooted to the ground. My thoughts are still a little fast, but nowhere near as speedy as before- I can concentrate now. Only trouble is I’ve tried so much all at once that I don’t know which ones have worked the best!! :).

By taking the time to ground ourselves a few times everyday, we are putting ourselves in a strong position where it is much less likely that we will become hypomanic or plagued with anxiety and panic. So it really is worth trying out different activities to see what works for you!

For details on what it feels like to be ungrounded, and tips on how to ground yourself, please see the following fabulously informative article:

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