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Bach Flower Remedy Consultation: Anger and Low Motivation

On Friday I had another session with Dawn, my Bach Flower Remedy consultant. I’ve been feeling lacking in motivation recently and fairly “stuck” with regards to moving forward in my life. I’ve not been able to get started with things I’ve wanted to do and have been getting bogged down in anger issues surfacing from every corner of my past!

More Anger Issues!

I had been taking the flower remedy Mustard, this following a weekend of anger! The anger was triggered in my relationship. I thought my partner and I were just going through a rough patch, but after my session with Dawn, I realise he was just the catalyst that triggered lots of old, suppressed angers. This made a lot of sense as I do over-react a lot to little things in life: if these trigger much larger “grievances” then my reactions don’t seem so strange! I chose to take Mustard as I was pretty sure my feeling depressed was a direct result of suppressing the anger that was triggered at the weekend. Mustard is for “deep feelings of gloom” that seemingly appear out of nowhere and are usually related to suppressed anger.

The Consultation.

When I saw Dawn on Friday, she performed the usual kinesiology test which results in a list of appropriate remedies. I was surprised Mustard didn’t come up, but Dawn reassured me that I hadn’t made a “wrong” choice in taking it; it was more likely that the Mustard had already taken effect and healed that emotional aspect.

The prescribed list was as follows:

It’s funny, because the issues I thought I was going to Dawn for, were not the issues which seemed to come up in terms of remedies. We’re often totally unaware of what’s really going on inside us and I think this iterates the real benefit of seeing a practitioner who can accurately prescribe the remedies for you.

Sweet Chestnut and Wild Rose

Sweet Chestnut is a remedy for those that feel there is nothing left for them in life but emptiness and annihilation. I think I’ve really been denying that I feel like this most of the time.  It seems to combine with the Wild Rose state I’m in- of apathy and being resigned to my lot in life. I feel there’s nothing more I can do to help myself, so have given up. Certainly explains my lack of motivation!! The Rock Water makes a lot of sense too in that I tend to expect way too much of myself and am a total perfectionist.

All the other remedies I’d been prescribed before. I think I’m generally a pretty anxious person, so Aspen, Cherry Plum and Mimulus all made a lot of sense. Pine too as I tend to feel the weight of the world on my shoulders from past regrets.

A Few Days Later

I’m already feeling lighter and more positive about life. I’ve been surprised at how quickly some of the remedies seem to be working. I certainly feel less apathetic, so I think the Wild Rose has kicked in. I’ll let you know about the others in the next few days.


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