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Cheryl Cole and that horrible Ashley.

I used to think Cheryl Cole was the luckiest woman on Earth. I watched Popstars the Rivals when she became a member of Girls Aloud and imagined how great it would be to be able to sing and dance for a living. Since joining X Factor as a judge for the last two seasons, she really has appeared to have it all: fantastic looks, engaging personality, successful career with Girls Aloud, footballer boyfriend. It is this last asset that has been turned upside down, and now I really feel for the girl. Nobody deserves to be cheated on, and the way in which the paper’s splash about such intimate details of the lurid texts between Ashley Cole and his object of lust is disgraceful. The media have no respect for the lives that are involved. I’ve been cheated on before and was thankful to be spared the grisly details of what went on, despite reeling from the betrayal. Imagine the gut-wrenching pain Cheryl Cole is faced with everyday: photos of her beloved sent to another woman and their indecent text messages splashed about the media like a new toy. I hope she realises she is worth more.
Without putting any blame on her, I think this recent media soap opera proves there is a lot to say for balance in one’s life. Focusing so whole-heartedly on one particular goal and devoting the majority of your time to it is undoubtedly taking your time away from other areas of your life. I am lucky and have a trusting relationship, not perfect, but the trust has been established over a long period of time. However perhaps my devotion to the relationship takes me away from developing my self career-wise. I am scared of taking energy away from Chris and trying to have a perfect relationship, I’ve always had a thing about being alone, it terrifies me. But to the extent that I don’t have energy to put into myself, is that a life I want. I need to find my own balance to bring stability to my life.