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Edward, Jedward and newsy-things.

Place: Cafe Car Marzanos (writing in diary, typing up later)

Time: 11am-ish

So excited, I’ve been buying Christmas presents in The Forum. The Norfolk Wildlife Photographer is here, with prints, calendars and coasters, which I’ve bought for Nanna and Dad. Also bought some lovely Christmas cards in Jarrolds.

It smells gorgeous in here. There is a lady with a stall selling orange and cinnamon- spiced goods, it’s so Christmassy. There are lots of kids here too, and I think I might be getting a bit broody- gulp! I must be feeling well at the moment, as I know in the midst of a depressive episode, there is no way I’d even consider it.

This morning’s news, as broadcasted by GMTV, stirred up a mixture of emotions: fear for my future with the poor care provided in British care homes; disgust at the fact that Tiger Wood’s affairs are making headline news, and anger that the media believe grandparents should be financially rewarded for looking after their grandchildren whilst their parents are at work.

Two things struck me here: the lack of support for the elderly, and the generosity they display in looking after their grandchildren. Surely a much better way of thanking them for their time, would be to improve care homes rather than giving each a financial reward. Sometimes this country seems a bit backwards to me. When I get old I want to feel happy to be going to a care home where I know I can peacefully retire to a clean, friendly, social and fun care home, with lots of activities and good medical care. Sod it, why not throw in a swimming pool, jacuzzi and masseur as well!

Moving onto more trivial news- has anybody else noticed the resemblance between The Twilight Saga’s Robert Pattinson (in full make up as Edward Cullen) and Jedward? Perhaps I have uncovered the secret to their (unlikely) success and the British teenage, female population’s hysteria? The terrible twosome display pale complexions with gravity-defying hair- just as Edward does in the films. Of course teenage girls could easily be deceived and transfer ther adulation from the incredibly popular Twilight vampire to the ungainly twins. Of course Mr Pattinson should indeed be thankful that the spotlight has been taken off him for a while. He is particularly fond of shying away from the media spotlight and acts as if he had no idea why his fans are so persistent and what they want from him. Surely he can’t be so modest or unintelligent. I am certainly not immune to his charms-particularly his musical ability, but he made the decision to be a part of the film industry, he knew the possible risks, he needs to be a man and take responsibility for his decision, rather than shun his fans.