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Solar Flare & Bipolar Warning

This weekend a solar flare is being emitted by the sun. There may be effects felt by some of us Bipolar or Highly Sensitive peeps, or those with anxiety & depression. These articles are really interesting and worth a read:

An Incredible X-Class In Mercury- Shift Frequency

Solar Flare Interruption: Word From The Well

Solar Flare: The Sun Touches Our Psyche: The Washington Times

Solar Flares Do Affect Our Moods: Helen Bukulmez

How Recent Solar Flares Are Affecting Humans: Carlini Institute

Solar Flares and the Emotions: Catalyst Yogi

Emotional Health and Solar Flares- The Miracle of Our Feelings: Explore Beyond the Usual

Hopefully we wont feel any effects, or only minimal ones! But just thought it was worth a warning or might help us understand any odd moods this weekend.