Mastering the Mind









Today I will be the master of my mind.

Today I will not listen when it says I can’t or I’m not good enough.
I will remind myself that I do not have to believe it.

Today I will not listen to its chaotic demands for addictive substances or behaviours.
I will remind myself I am in control of my mind.

Today I will not try to make sense of my mind’s fears and confusion.
I will pay no attention and take command.

Today I am master of my mind.


The negativity and fear that have been programmed into my mind will not run free anymore.

I will direct my mind with the love in my heart and passions of my soul.

My soul is love.

It soothes my mind with peace and calm.

Today, loving responsibility is in charge.

I allow my soul to become master of my mind.


Photo Credit: topstep07

12 thoughts on “Mastering the Mind

      1. projectwhitespace

        Yeah, and this makes me think about the comment you made about hobbies–dabbling and then quitting (like me). Start with your art! Focus! A mantra for your art–there’s a challenge. Find a mantra for your art to keep at it. By the way, I’m still waiting on pictures of your art. 🙂 I really really want to see what you do!

  1. rachelmiller1511 Post author

    I’m shy!

    I feel I want to have something concrete to show you, but it’s all bits here and there at the moment! I love that you want to see them- that’s gonna inspire me more! Now I’m gonna have to think of a mantra….

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